Monday, 7 September 2015

More bits added...

Day 3 of The Quarter house.  I turned my attention to some necessary bits.  The stuff that needs to go in before the house is finished. 

So after pondering what to do with the fireplace, what colour to use on it,  I got out my distress ink pads.  I used Frayed Burlap, at first I used a sponge, then a brush,  and dabbed on some black soot around the top.  Looks good?   I used some glossy black card for the back of the chimney breast.

Then I moved on to the second chimney breast.  This will go into the bedroom.   I remember my old bedroom, it had this lovely fireplace,  it was metal, and mum used something on it to darken it.   So I used the pewter deco art paint, and also added the black card.  

For this little fireplace I have also made a hearth.  I used some waste from the other house,  a small wooden tile, but the right size.  I used some walnut distress ink on it, then sealed it with the glossy mod podge. 

The house had been left to dry overnight,  so it was time for a dry fit of the upper floor,  and to glue the staircase into place.  I double checked which way round the staircase went!   Didn't want any mistakes,  and then... a mistake!

I glued the partition into place, that was definitely in the right place.  So just tested the top floor,  mmm, slightly out.   Was it the right way round?   Checked, it seemed to be,  er, hang on,  no, it wasn't.  Flipped it over,  and it fitted.  So had to strip off the floor and ceiling papers and start again! 

Once the mistake was sorted, and I was happy that the other pieces would fit, I put it to one side.  It can't be glued into place until the internal doors are in place. 

I also checked the upper floor partition,  it also fitted. Phew.   I did a bit more painting, first the small stair rails,  they got a couple of coats of gesso.  The gesso works brilliantly as an undercoat.   There is no need to hide the black bits, they'll be covered by the walls.  You can see here how thick the walls and floors are.  All the measurements are true, which makes my life so much easier.  Well provided I get my floors and ceilings in the right order! 

Here's the brick fireplace in situ.  You can also see that I've added a mantlepiece.  I cut down some waste wood from the old house, bits I'd used for the skirting boards.  I sanded the corners to round them off.  Then it got the gesso treatment,  and some walnut distress ink, topped off with the glossy mod podge.  Need to sort out a bit of a hearth for the fireplace. 

It's also possible to pick out the skirting boards, just brown card, with glossy mod podge.  And the staircase,  which is the right way round.

It will soon start to look like a little home.   Someone commented that it was good to see me enjoying something so much.   Now that hasn't happened since before mum died.   I feel as if I am inbetween moods at the moment,   I felt really down this morning,  and I was also in a lot of pain.  It takes ages to get going,  some days I am so stiff,  but I know I have to move.   Things weren't helped by building work going on next door,  now I don't mind that during the day but it went on until 8 pm this evening. I was fuming,  and Harvey wasn't very happy, he kept hearing the ladders being moved, so he stayed hiding in the airing cupboard.   

Well that's all for tonight,  more tomorrow, painting doors is what I'll be doing!   Enjoy your day.

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