Sunday, 20 September 2015

The finishing post is in sight..

It's all been a bit distressing...  It was sort of, as I had to glue on the fancy gable bits (they must have a proper name), onto the ends of the roof.   They had to fit close to the house,  so house went on box, roof went on house,  out came tweezers and glue.   Finally one was in place,  had to hold it till the glue 'took'.  The worst bit was the chimney end, as the piece came in two bits, and had to fit up against the chimney, very fiddly.  But equally it showed the attention to detail that goes into these tiny houses. 

I left those to set, and gave the sink unit and corner shelve another coat of paint.  Then watched the Davis cup, it was a bit tense to start with, Andy Murray looked a bit out of sorts, he must have been shattered as he'd carried the entire team. Finally he got his reward and Britain are in the Davis Cup final! 

Two pics of the roof to start with,  both show the flashing I put on. It wasn't the silver duct tape, I had found a duller grey roll of duct tape which was more suitable.  However it also needed to be cut into small strips...   Stuck a strip down onto the glass cutting mat, then just cut a few strips.  Easy peasy!   They went on easily, and are also helping to hold that roof together.  I'd finally worked out why it wasn't aligning properly,  some of the inside beams were slightly out,  two on the main roof, and both those on the smaller roof.  So off they came,  and I also manipulated the roof a little, putting on the tiles had warped it a little.  Took a bit of fiddling till it was all in the right position, the last bits of fancy wood bits also helped keep the roof straight.  And finally it was on.

The fancy bit,   which didn't want to stay in place!    Well this one didn't,  I just had to hope that the phone didn't ring while I was holding it all together.  

I painted the ends of the roof the same green as the wood work.  And I've given the interior roof the first coat of paint. 

I was also able to start distressing the roof.  Mixed up different shades of grey,  and some pearl black, then just kept dabbing away. 

Still got a lot more distressing to do. I also experimented with the distress ink pads, to see which one could 'age' the house.  Old Paper was the best,  it toned it down nicely,  just did the bit round the porch,  sadly it isn't showing up on the photo, but there is only a light coat so far.  But what is there has taken away the brightness.

It is so nice to see it looking 'finished',  well almost.  The inside is bare,  and lacking in some home comforts.  That will soon be corrected,  still wondering about curtains, the windows look rather bare. Will try to find some tiny lace. 

Final photo, to remind everyone of how small the house really is, I popped the pot of mod podge next to it!  I think that clearly shows the tiny scale of the house.   Hasn't been as fiddly as I thought it was going to be, the furniture certainly is!  I had glued the gate leg table together, only to have it fall apart!    One side will have to be permanently glued down to give it some strength.  The long kitchen table is fine, as are the chairs,  the sink unit just needs the sink to be added and it will be ready to put into place. 

Going to spend next week on the garden.  I decided last night that there was no way I was going to cut all those little lolly sticks using the hacksaw.   My hands aren't up to it anymore, so I'll be buying a cheap jigsaw.  I don't need anything fancy, it will only be used on hobby projects. Found on in B&Q, which had 5 star reviews, and is only £18.   It will also make life easier in future when it comes to trimming roof tiles.   I found it hard going cutting the excess off with scissors.   Someone told me that if you use scissors to cut sandpaper you blunt them, well all my scissors are now nice and sharp! 

Here is the villain of the piece,  doesn't he look innocent?  This was taken after he'd been plodding around and letting out loud miaows.  Then he had a mad five minutes,  raced round the flat, up and down the stairs...  and then finally collapsed onto the bed.   He's had a lot of cuddles today, he is a cuddly cat,  loves to be picked up and cuddled.  If I ask him 'are we friends' he likes to rub heads with me.    And he also now likes to sit on my lap,  of course he always chooses the most inconvenient time to do so.  Cats!     Today he had the remains of my tirimasu,   he chased the little pot round the carpet until he'd licked it clean.    He has some odd tastes,  Ms Mufti, my old cat,  loved noodles with soy sauce,   and loved fish... woe betide anyone who tried to remove her saucer of fish.  Harvey is faddy with food,   he does like chicken, but now I limit him to just a few bits now and then.  When I first got him he'd only eat the fishy packs of food, now he only has the meaty ones, with the occasional packet of tuna.   Loves his treats,  yes those Dreamies are amongst his favourites.   In the evening, just when I've sat down at the computer he starts yowling at me,  what does he want?  Well he wants me to show him where his food is, I kid you not, so I have to follow him to the kitchen if I wish to have some peace and quiet.  Funny, during the night he manages to find his food unaided. 

Funny old day,  felt really achy this morning,  didn't have a lie in,  but even so I woke up feeling really stiff.  I've put an extra blanket on the bed,  it was a bit chilly last night.  Guess the duvet will be making an appearance soon.    Didn't feel like doing the ironing,  there seemed to be a large pile of it,  however when I looked closer there wasn't that much.  Needs must, so it got done.   The reward was a sausage butty, lovely.  

That's all from me, I may have a fence to show off tomorrow!  Or part of one.  Will also order a bit more furniture for the house. 

Have a lovely week, and remember, keep smiling, it always makes others wonder what you've been up to! 

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