Friday, 18 September 2015

Up on the roof...

Look we have chimneys.  All the fancy bits round the windows have been glued into position.  You could say that today was a productive day.

Even more, I managed some dusting, and was up at a decent hour.   The only down side, a very restless night,  Harvey was fine, he had a full tum for a change.  So he was happily snuggled on my bed,  it would be nice to just be able to switch off my brain.   And Harvey had his usual morning, no builders,  so off he went for his walk, and came back to tell me all about it.

A big difference,  the house almost has a roof.  Just got the back half to do.  Why, you are thinking, is it taking her so much time to put on these tiles? Well it is a small house,  and there are lots of tiles to put on, and each row must be straight,  and overlap the other correctly.  And all that takes time.   The chimneys also needed to be covered in sandpaper and painted, then glued into place.  They were made of dark wood, so it took a few coats of paint to cover it all properly. 

I also started to distress the porch roof, oh and the toilet roof.  Just made up some streaky grey, different shades and dabbed it all on.   Will have to put up some before and after photos soon.

Look, and outside toilet, with roof and door,  just hasn't got a toilet yet.  I already have a tenant lined up to move in - honest, one of my craft friends is going to shrink so she can move in. 

I gave the gable roof a coat of paint.  Now that it and the front bit of the roof have been tiled, they fit snugly together.  Would be nice to have some guttering, and drain pipes,  straws will do - tiny ones.    The gable roof does look as if it is ready to collapse,  that's only because it hasn't been glued into place yet.   Which it will be tomorrow. 

Yes, it is all looking very bright,  distressing will begin to happen over the weekend.

And here is Teapot Cottage,  with some steps down to the garden.  Think I'm going to take a look at all the new cake cutters,  I may just find a small square one.  I can still cut the clay,  and I have begun to colour them, trying to make them look like York stone, still got a way to go. 

I've settled on a position for the house in its 'garden'.  There has to be more room on the left to accommodate the toilet, that is also were the washing line will be.  Guess the gable ends also need to be painted green?  Oops, nearly forgot, there are some other fancy bits to go on the ends of the main roof. 

Got some trimming to do on the roof,   nearly had a disaster while I was trimming round the hole for the gable,  some of the tiles fell off!  Luckily they came off in a chunk, so I could just glue them back on.   I'd also learned from tiling the big house not to try to skip the gaps, but to carry the tiles over the gap. I ordered two packs of tiles,  needed to allow for the porch roof, toilet and gable,  and I'll have quite a few left.   I would have liked the 'wonky' tiles,  but sadly they were out of stock. 

So the outside is just about finished, and I can shortly turn my attention to the inside and think about furnishings.  After that will come the small garden.  Nope, it can't have a big garden,  it is a small cottage, the folk who live there work at the farm.   Did I tell you that there was a farm, and a manor - could be Downton! 

Harvey has now gone off for his evening patrol,  just turned his nose up at his food,  typical.  Oh he'll eat it, that much I have learned, just have to stay firm with him.  He was very cosy around 5pm, so was I, in fact I wondered why it was so warm in the flat,  yikes, the heating was on!  How'd that happen?  Ah, dusting, see it can be dangerous,  I'd knocked the thermostat so the heating had come on.  It was soon switched off,  no need for it, this flat is well insulated.  It was a bit chilly last night,  but I've still just got a sheet and one blanket on the bed,  oh plus a furry hot water bottle called Harvey.   Nope, no need for the duvet just yet.   Guess I should dig out the winter curtains,  well it is nearly October.  I've got one friend who is wrapping Christmas presents... oh please. 

Will wrap things up now,   should get the rest of the roof done tomorrow.   Depends on the tennis... !

Do make the most of the lovely weather we've been promised, probably the last decent bit we'll have.

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