Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A waiting game... plus some inspiring words!

Funny,  suddenly it is Wednesday and I wonder how I got here,  I mean what happened to the other two days?    Monday was a Bank Holiday, so does it count as Monday,  or did Tuesday become Monday?  Too much for my little brain...

I've been having a PC tidy up,  getting rid of multiple pics of the same thing etc.  And when you tidy up you come across stuff, like this lovely quote from Maya Angelou.  Not sure I've quite got the balance between laughing and crying, yet, one day I hope.   I did laugh last night.  I went to try to get Harvey to come in, just as I got to the front door the heavens opened, and down came the rain,  as in 'stair rods'.  It carried on like that for a good five minutes,  I called Harvey,  not really thinking he'd budge from whatever shelter he was under, then suddenly came this ginger streak...  he couldn't get out of the rain fast enough!   Then he sat on the stairs and 'told' me all about it. 

Aren't these lovely words?   Cheerful,  uplifting, positive. Not how I was feeling this morning.  I had a bit of a downer,  not sure my new HRT is agreeing with me, or I am just entering a down phase?    I got stuck into some ironing,  well one had reached the point were there wasn't anything much to wear!  Then I watched The Waltons,  that tends to cheer me up.  I tried watching Hochanda,  sorry but they really do need to up their game, lighting is still an issue, as is the sound.  It was a section on Dolls Houses, but as far as I could tell they just had one product?   Huh?   There was another show later in the afternoon, but with the same problems, plus some serious technical issues.   I focused on my memory box, and managed to finish the revamp, only then to think that perhaps a major revamp wouldn't be a bad thing?  

I made this card a couple of years ago, yep recognise the Tim Holtz stamps?   The quote, no idea who said it, it was on a sticker sheet, but it really appealed to me.    And I also made use of the flower soft,  it is really very pretty.   I'm hoping I can use that in the new house. 

I was, I have to admit, keeping a close eye on my order from Petite Properties.    It was being 'processed', and I was willing it to be 'finished' and in the post, then suddenly the status changed!   Yippee, it is on its way to me.  Please, please can it arrive tomorrow?    Well I did pay for first class postage.

I've missed not having something to do.   I know I could do other things, and I did do a mini revamp of my memory box, and also sanded down the little cupboard. But, if I'm honest my heart wasn't in it,  it was a way of passing some time. 

So to remind you, here it is: Teapot Cottage.  It will start out looking like that, but who knows how it will look when I've finished?   I've been searching through the dolls house sites for furniture, not sure what era I want yet.  I'm kind of hankering for a fifties feel.  That's because I saw a drop leaf table very like the one we had when I was a small child.   I liked it as I could hide under it.  When we moved mum bought some new furniture,  getting a very posh dining table and chairs, plus a lovely sideboard.  She used teak oil on them every week.  Woe betide anyone who left a mark on the table. So you can imagine when, after mum and dad moved to the flat how she felt when my brother arrived with the table.  He'd put it on a roof rack, which he'd borrowed, then on his way to the flat he took a short cut through a car park, which had a low sign...   which proceeded to chop the legs off the table!   Luckily my uncle, the carpenter, managed to fix the table, and did such a good job that no-one could tell. 

I well remember that move, I was in the army and was home on leave, sick leave.  I'd had a bad car crash which had left me on crutches.  So I wasn't much use for the move, my job was to wait in the flat and make tea for everyone.  Oh, did I mention that the move took place on Boxing Day? 

I also have a lovely lump on my forehead.   I managed to bang it on the bannister,  the steel bannister!   So there is a nice egg shaped lump and bruise on the side of my forehead.  Wonder what other damage I can manage to inflict on myself?  

Let's hope this soggy weather doesn't last too long,  getting fed up of downpours, so is Harvey. 

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