Friday, 11 September 2015

Divided we fall?

A completed house?  Nope,  just a dry fit of the roof. 

There was also another reason for the roof, I needed to measure up for the new room.  I had the spare divider,  but I'd forgotten the gable roof, so that meant if I wanted the 'room' then I'd have to cut my own room divider. 

So I did what anyone would do when one needs to ponder, made some tea.  

I did have some spare wood, I also had some mount board.   Which to use, and how would I measure it?   The answer to the latter was staring me in the face, the front panel - doh!  

I went for the mount board, and carefully cut out a room divider.  I used the door frame to make the hole for the door.  Tip: always use a fresh blade when doing any cutting.  So next task, try it out, would it fit, would the roof still go on?  

Answer to all questions: Yes!

Just to prove it,  house with roof!  The divider isn't stuck into place yet.  I don't take chances these days, double check everything.  And you can see the roof supports. 

The masking tape was to hold the porch while the glue was drying.  I also gave it a couple of coats of undercoat.  Don't the windows look nice?    All the fiddling and cutting ate up the afternoon, that and reassuring Harvey,  he kept on running to hide whenever he heard the builders climbing their ladders.  He is such a wally. 

Another view,  showing the two room dividers.  One reason why I moved the door over was because it would have been right next to the other door, and it looked a bit daft.   Now is it a bedroom, or bathroom?  I think a bedroom, as you can get an outside loo.  We had one when I was a child,  I hated it, it was full of spiders, and freezing cold in the winter.  I was chuffed when we finally moved to a new house, our own bathroom, indoor loo. I remember my mum spending a lot of time making it look nice, it came in handy that my first job was in a wallpaper and decorating shop!

So tomorrow there will be a lot of fixing of room dividers and upper floor being glued into place.  Then the outside needs to be painted,  windows and other decorative bits put in place, the two chimneys built, oh and the tiles for the roof.  Then I can do the rendering,  finish off the porch, and begin putting in furniture.   Must also order the outside loo and washroom,  and source some tiny figures, and other bits that will make it into a home. The kitchen will have a table, dresser, cooker or rather a range.   Living room needs some comfy furniture,  and a cupboard,  beds for upstairs, and other bits.  Of course the outside needs some decoration, a bush maybe, the flower pots I got can be used, they'll add a nice touch.    Then I will be ready for the next project!  Shop or pub?  

At least I managed to get some sleep,  oh I woke up at 2 a.m., again,  but this time I managed to get back to sleep around 3ish,  woke at 6 but after a cuppa and some toast I fell back to sleep till 9.  I felt a lot better for a less disturbed night.    It was very warm today,  opened the windows but it was so windy that I had to close them.  That wind was a little on the cool side as well,  a hint of what is to come I suppose, autumnal weather.   I do like it when the leaves start to turn and we get those glorious shades of red and gold.  

A bit surprised today that there was hardly any mention of 9/11,  nothing on the BBC.  Still hard to believe it happened,  that day will be forever imprinted on my brain.   It was so hard to comprehend,  and such a fearful time for everyone.  

Well off to my diary,   it helps to write down my day and my feelings.   Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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BJ said...

Well done Maggie it is adorable - BJ