Thursday, 10 September 2015

Take two...

I'm back on track.  House was glued back together this afternoon.    Top floor isn't glued down yet, still have to put the skirting boards back in.  

You can also see the fireplace, wondering why it is so tall?  Well it will act as a support for the upper floor, as will the staircase when that is glued into place.

It was a busy afternoon,  and it had been a hectic morning.  Hair appointment,  mop has now been tamed, and shopping for food, and blades for knife.

 This is the upper floor divider, with its tiny door.  And spot the door knob!  About the size of a seed bead. 

The door has been distressed, didn't want it to look 'new'.  The cottage will have a lived in feel to it.   Still looking at furniture,  all of it comes in kit form, so more sticky and gungy fingers. 

I wasn't tempted by anything at Hobbycraft, got the blades, and the stuff for the 'render', plus a magazine. 

And here is the inerior of the front porch.  Yep we have windows in,  they had the aqua promarker treatment, then a couple of coats of varnish.   Left them to dry in the sun,  didn't take long, and so I was able to put the acetate on, and then glue them into place.  They look so cute! 

I had to put the windows and door into place, plus they will need to be painted, as I figured it would be difficult to do once the pieces were in place.  I won't glue the little porch into place until I've done the rendering.  Plus there is the matter of tiling the roof, I've decided to buy the roof tiles, seems silly to try to make them.    So I'll put together an order for roof tiles and furniture. 

 This pic was to give an idea of the layout of the house.  I've decided that my spare room divider will create a small room over the kitchen, which has the stairs in it.  I'll be putting a door knob on the stairs, make it look like there is a cupboard.  The fireplace has to go in, that nice brick fireplace!   And of course there is a fireplace for the bedroom, can't have my family being cold at night.  

I was tempted at Hobbycraft, no, not by the craft stuff, but by the modelling bits and bobs.  There was a kit that would create a stream or pond, plus turf,  and other foliage, though I do have all my flowersoft stuff for that. 

Today was an okay day, not an okay night.  It was the same as last night, woke around 2 a.m., and finally got back to sleep at 6 a.m.    I realised at 5 a.m. why I was awake, it was because I was anxious about oversleeping. So fixed that problem by setting the alarm, sadly the other alarm in my life,  comes with ginger fur and is called Harvey, decided to wake up!   His howling told me that he was hungry, his own fault for attempting to be fussy, oh he had polished off the food he'd walked away from.  He wasn't that keen on what I put down, but once again, when I did get up the dish was almost empty.   I'm just not giving into him.  Today he realised that I was about to cook some chicken, out he came from his 'bedroom' otherwise known as my airing cupboard and kept wrapping himself round my legs.  I cooked him a little,  which was wolfed down.   All was well in his world till he heard a noise, and him being nosy he had to see what it was,  well it was scaffolders, and Harvey headed straight back to his hiding place!   What a wimp. 

I'm glad the house is back on track, and also pleased that I did start over.  Feel much happier with the result,  no bodge jobs going on.   Going to try poster paint on the exterior,  tried the acrylic art paint I've got, which is good quality, but it isn't giving me a good result.  I guess this is all about trial and error, I have found out that the distress ink pads work,  and the aqua markers.  Oh there is also the mod podge, which appears to be an all round glue, best of all it doesn't clog up the brushes. 

Right off to do my diary...  a nice habit to get into.  Thanks for stopping by.

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