Monday, 28 September 2015

A few more bricks in the wall

Cottage with 'bricks',  kind of.   This is 'take two',  I had painted the bricks yesterday but it was all wrong, far too dark.   So stared at the houses opposite whilst washing up.  Sort of pinky/orange,  light in places, dark in others...  So red and yellow, with a bit of raw umber...  yep that will do for a base.  Then using the rough brush I've been dabbing a mix of paints here and there, so it is beginning to look like brick work.  The little bit at the front will be covered with some gravel, so no need to worry about the mess.   I didn't like the yellow paintwork, so went for green.

The roof has had the 'filler' treatment,  to try and make it look wonky.  The little impression is where the chimney will go.   The dorma window has been made up, and it fits, may need to trim back the filler a bit.  This now needs to be sanded back till it is smooth.   I've also made some roof tiles,  following the instructions in the booklet.   They should look okay once glued down and painted.

The back has now been etched,  it took a while.  I found another scribing tool,  it belongs to my encaustic wax kit,  but it is very sharp.

The filler bit did take all weekend,  with the mixing, then putting it on, and of course the drying bit.  Plus the etching,  I'm glad the cottage didn't have too many windows!   That was the tricky part,  putting the filler round the windows.  I've learned a lot,   and will do better next time.

This was the last side,  by this time I'd got the mix right, not too wet but still easy to spread.  Just had to put a little filler round the windows,  once that is dry, I'll tidy it up.  Tomorrow and Wednesday will be all about painting the brick work.    Then the roof,  in between the car has to be MOT'd. 

Did you see it last night - the Blood Moon?   I caught the end of it,  can't say it was red, more like a rusty orange.    I didn't go outside,  just gazed through the window,  Harvey wasn't interested, he carried on sleeping.  And after 2 days of ultra fussiness, he is now eating his food again.   He had a small treat today, some fresh chicken,  only because I was making a chicken curry.   It didn't take him long to polish of the few pieces I gave him.   He then spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sunshine.

This Indian Summer is very nice,  a pity it wasn't like this back In August.  My rose bushes are still sprouting roses,  but the planters are still empty.  Just didn't feel like planting them up this year.   I may get some bulbs, plant those for the spring.

That's it for today,  hopefully back tomorrow with a paint progress. 

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