Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Starting over

Starting over...   yes, big disaster - it is called Harvey, who put his great hairy tale into the mix!  Who wants a house covered in ginger hair?  

Actually there was another disaster, as I was trimming the paper a little the knife slipped and I tore it.  Made a cuppa, thought about it all, then... began taking the house apart. 

Downhearted, a little.  But I wanted it to look good, not perfection but as free from as many imperfections as I could manage. 

It worked out for the good.   As did my over order of doors...   cos I messed up two by using the alcohol promarkers on them.  It would have been okay but they'd had a coat of gesso, so I ended up with a gooey mess.  Luckily I have the aqua markers,  they worked a treat.  They just need a few coats,  and need to dry properly, in fact I used the heat gun on them.  In the meantime the house was stripped,  gunge removed,  and repapered.   Left it all to dry thoroughly, then gave first coat of the glossy mod podge.  The walls have had another coat since, and the floor needs at least two more coats.  Then tomorrow I can put it all back together. 

I also have a spare piece, which had me flummoxed as I couldn't work out where it went.  I tried it in various places, but it wouldn't fit?   Studied the plans, and yep, I had two of the same piece, so what I have is a spare room divider.  I'm going to use it to make a small bathroom, or bedroom, not sure which yet.

The doors did test my patience.  After the disaster with the promarkers,  I didn't give the others a coat of gesso.  The aqua markers did work, it was just the drying time, it took an age, or seemed to. 

There was another snag, since I'd put in one internal wall it, but without the door, it meant trying to fit it, and boy was that fiddly.  When I took the house apart the door came off easily.  So it will be easy to fit it tomorrow.  

I did manage to put the tiny doorknobs on, only lost one!  It shot off the door when I pressed down on it.  The lovely people at Petite Properties must expect there to be losses as they've put in a few extras. 

It felt like one step forwards, two backwards today, but at the same time I was glad that I stopped and corrected all the mistakes.   Harvey was banished, simple enough to do, I just moved the portable table away from the window.  I couldn't shout at him, he was trying to be affectionate,  and had he not sat down in the middle of the craft desk and wafted his tail then all would have been okay. 

Hey, we all make mistakes.  What I liked is how I reacted to my disasters, didn't get into a tizz,  just stayed calm and took some time out with a nice mug of tea.  I had two choices, bodge it and carry on, or start over.   I'm glad I chose to do the latter,  a nice fresh start. 

Actually it feels like one of those ground hog weeks.  Not been sleeping well,  which doesn't help.  Last night I was awake at 2 a.m., and didn't get back to sleep till around 6 a.m.   I felt wretched when I woke up, and relieved that I didn't have to be anywhere.   One plus was my chicken curry, made with quorn,  worked a treat!    It has taken me quite some time to get the hang of cooking for one,  what I've found is that using frozen ingredients is best,  it works out cheaper and the veg doesn't rot. 

Well tomorrow is construction day, again,  but it will come together quite quickly as all the prep work is done.  Getting my hair cut, so that will make me feel better, oh and need to pop to Hobbycraft for some new craft knife blades.  Who me, indulge myself while I'm there, noooo...  well perhaps!

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