Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Keeping it simple...

Things are coming along nicely.  The roof is slowly being distressed,  using the brushes which are meant for painting leaves on trees.  They're very firm,  bristles going off at angles, so they're excellent for dotting on paint randomly. 

The exterior walls are also being toned down, frayed burlap, bit of moss green and the odd dab of black soot. 

Most of the interior walls are now in place, except for one.  

Not sure about the large plant pot, or maybe it is the plant - it should be a plain green bush?  Spotted the fence?   I had several stabs at it, first with the lolly sticks, but I felt they were too big and out of proportion with the house.  So look for some card, thick card and took the back off a drawing pad.  Think this works, but the fence posts need to be closer together.   I also need to work on my cutting accuracy,  the posts are a bit wonky,  which is fine, but a little too so.   So it will fence part two tomorrow.  Not that I mind.

See, too far apart,  need to be closer.   I also tried a stone wall,  bit of a botched attempt!  Forgot some basic rules, so have clay, will experiment. 

I've also ordered a new house,  even tinier than this one!  It is called Thimble cottage,  just couldn't resist it I'm afraid. I've made another promise to myself, one I can't reveal here,  but it will mark a change in my life. 

I've enjoyed many crafts,  paper, cardmaking, multi media, art...  but none have ever given me the satisfaction that this does.  It's quite extraordinary,  but I intend to go with the flow!    I'm hoping that Thimble cottage will arrive tomorrow, so is Harvey, as he needs food!   He has enough till tomorrow,  I found a few packets of the fishy stuff, which he tucked into quite happily, in fact he scoffed a dish of it in one go.   His fussiness has paid off for once,  as I often keep what he decides he doesn't like. 

Last night I found him staring at something,  at first I took no notice, but the staring continued so I had to investigate and - YIKES, it was a HUGE spider!    And while he is good at spotting them, he is not inclined to do anything about them,  so I am afraid it was sent to a better place. 

All for tonight... 

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