Sunday, 6 September 2015

My tiny world

Knock, knock... ever seen a door this tiny?   I also had to construct it.   It's had some undercoat,  need to undercoat the other side, then paint it, and finally hang it.  Oh, also put on the door knob,  yes, I kid you not, this door has a door knob.  Best not sneeze when I'm trying to glue it on.

I was all backwards today.   My lie in lasted far too long,  Harvey demanded breakfast number two.  After I, finally, tidied up the kitchen I thought I'd mess it all up again by making a sausage butty..., only one snag,  the sausages were still in the freezer.  Oh damn and bother, so had cheese on toast, then took sausages out to cook for my tea.  

The fireplaces.   I got these to replace the ones that came with the kit.  But first they needed to be made smaller.   It was easy as they are just made of plaster.   They also needed to be sealed, else they'd drink the paint.  I found some of my bindex stuff, which I bought ages ago after watching it being demo'd on CnC.   So both got a few coats,  now they're ready for painting.  I intend to use the deco art paint on the small one, and put it in one of the bedrooms.  I'm even thinking of building a hearth, well what else are matchsticks for?  

The house.  This was at the end of the afternoon. I'd papered all the interior walls.  Each was then given a coat of the matt bindex.   I wondered if it was possible to create some skirting boards.  Using wood was out, not sure I could cut anything that thin.  But... card, and my paper cutter?   So I experimented,  and managed to cut some very thin strips of brown card.  So they will be added tomorrow.    I just put the staircase in place, it isn't glue down.  I wanted the walls to set first.  There is some masking tape acting as support.  I may trim the fireplace a little more, though it is now the right size.

Almost the same view, but with the room divider in situ, but not glued into place.  Now you can see the skirting board.  You can also see a slight sheen on the flooring.  The front entrance leads into the room in the foreground, it also has a porch.  Why am I telling you that, because I had two pieces that seemed to have no home.  And as usual I had managed to 'lose' page 2 of the instructions - which I found,  I'd put them somewhere 'safe'.   So the mystery of these 'two pieces' was solved, it was the porch!   I've stuck the first page of instructions to the desk, and I have been following them.   Makes a change for me.

And finally, the staircase.  This consists of individual pieces,  I had to figure out the sequence of the steps.   I gave the banister and stair rail a coat of gesso,  left it to dry thoroughly and then gave it a mix of dark brown and raw umber.  After it was dry I used the glossy bindex on it, and the stairs.  They came up a treat! 

There is still so much to do, not that I am complaining.  There are all the window frames to paint,  then they need glazing,  and fitting.  Then there is the exterior wall decoration, plus the roof.  There is a temptation to rush, which is what happened today. I'd been tempted to glue the whole house, then I stopped.  I made a cup of tea and thought about it.    I needed to put in the skirting boards, so gluing all together was silly.  If I did that I'd make my job much harder. 

I need to do it in stages, besides, there is no rush.   And there is a whole village to build.   I've also sourced some figures for the house via the railway modellers sites!   It would be nice to have a family in the house,  and while I've seen some figures that have been made for these tiny houses, I wasn't impressed as they weren't very realistic.    The figures made for the railway kits are much better.  I'd like to source my own molds,  but that is proving difficult.

Well Harvey has just had another fight with his 'girlfriend', she sneaked in while I was on skype and stole his dinner.  His own fault as he let her in.  He was rather miffed,  so he's just tucked into a large meal.  He is stupid, he lets this other cat get in,  then only kicks up a fuss when she goes near his food, or if I yell at his girlfriend.  It is all so comical at times.  They're not quite sworn enemies, as they do get quite close to each other without much fuss.  How did I end up with him?   I had wide range of cats to choose from and I get him... !  

More house stuff tomorrow...  skirting boards to put in, and doors to paint.  It's all go! 

Have  a good week.

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