Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sticking at it...

Look, no masking tape!  The gluing has begun.  Looks so tiny,  well it is tiny.   I've decide that a lady lives her, and she is a potter.  She has some chickens, a vegetable patch,  her shed - or if you wish to be posh - her studio.  Oh there is a cat, a stray that popped in one day, and has never left, she sleeps curled up in front of the fire. 

Today was painting day!  Not only the interior, but also the window frames,  inners and outers.  Oh plus the dormer. 

I chopped down one of the fireplaces, now it fits nicely into the cottage.  Looks awfully bare inside,  but there will be furniture.  There is the pot sink, more suited to this property than the other.  The upstairs will be her bedroom, plus ensuite bathroom!    Darn it, I knew what I meant to do, take a photo of the outside chimney!   I made it all by myself, used some balsa,  used the measurements from Teacup Cottage, and took a little bit more off.  It fits just nicely.   As opposed to something that didn't...  more later.

Another interior view, oh, you can now just spot the chimney!  It will be covered up soon.  I have been giving some thought to the windows, and what to use for curtains...  and the answer was kind of staring me in the face.  Well almost.   On a shelf, above the desk is my ribbon store,  yep, ribbon!   Perfect to act as curtains for the little houses.  Need some cocktail sticks now,  for curtain poles.   The cottage won't have a door, but it will have a curtain, through from living room to kitchen.   Also found some rugs, at the right size, for the cottages.  I guess I could make some...  am I that mad?  Possibly. 

And one more from the side. The rear roof is glued down, while the front comes off for access.  The front bit of the cottage is also removeable,  it will be glued to that little pavement.  The roof is wonky, like that,  guess it could be thatched, but I don't think I'll be attempting any thatching just yet. 

The sides and back are now stuck down,  once I've given the ceilings another coat of white, then the rear roof can be secured.   Then the fun will begin!

Back to Teacup cottage.  I'd glued the upper room divider into place,  left it to dry properly.  Then today I put the roof back on, but it didn't fit. I was sitting proud of the house?   I was baffled, it had been okay, so what was the problem?   Well after a bit of head scratching, I concluded that it was the room divider. it seemed to be a bit taller than the two ends of the house.  Mmm, had I got it in the right place, checked plans, yes,  it was were it was supposed to be.  In the end I trimmed some off the bottom,  and then the roof fitted perfectly.  

Drama over,  Teacup cottage is still awaiting its fence, and furniture.  There is too much choice at Petite Properties!   Once Thimble cottage is complete, I'll focus on the landscaping for both, and furnishing them.  

Well Harvey has just proved how thick he is!   I closed the living room door,  not completely,  so if he wanted to get into the kitchen all he had to do was push it open. So, what does the wally do?  He pulls the door towards him...   !!!!!!!!!!     He had already fallen off the bed, he was having a wash, then he  turned round,  and since he was close to the edge he fell off.     That has kind of completed his day, I'd disturbed his morning snooze in the airing cupboard, by putting on the washing machine.   So he found a sunny spot and lay down there, then the sun went in!    He decided to go on my bed, so there he was as I came out of the shower,  with wet hair,  so he was disturbed again as I had to blow dry my hair!   Little wonder he tucked himself into the airing cupboard all afternoon, that was after a large lunch.  Think he is discovering that it is nice to have a full tum.  As far as I could gather he had no routine at his old house,   his dish got filled with dry food and was left to get on with it.  Don't agree with that,  cats need a routine, so I've been coaxing him to adopt one, and he is finally starting to get the hang of it.   He tends to eat more in the evening, and through the night.   And now he is going bonkers!   Yep, full daft cat mode.  Why me? 

Never made it beyond the front door today,  just didn't feel like it.   So, that is all for now. 

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