Thursday, 1 March 2012

Feels like Spring!

It isn't of course,  that won't happen till our clocks go forwards.   But today was glorious, mild, a lovely blue sky with fluffy clouds drifting by,  and you could feel the warmth of the sun. 

And where was I?  At the supermarket!  Well it has to be done, we eat food and then it needs to be replaced.  Quite bothersome!    I only decided to go today so as to avoid the busy time tomorrow, seems everyone else had the same idea as it was busy.  Oh well... 

Home and a spot of gardening,  the potty garden was in need of a tidy up,  discovered that one plant had long bitten the dust!   The rest got a good cut,  swept up all the rubbish so generously dumped by passers by - charming.  But it did all look much better,  felt the plants were happier for having got rid of all the dead stuff.   And the bonus was that I'd worked up an appetite for lunch. 

No crafting today, but did buy a craft mag,  spotted one with some nice papers that seemed to suit my current project, the AJ book.  It also had an Altered Journal book type project inside, only they'd called it a diary, same thing really,  grunge stuff, altered arty things.   I did do some crafting on Tuesday,  another page for my AJ book,  a page to my good neighbour Mo,  I felt that was a turning point, I had no one to lean on anymore, so it was up to me to get my life going again.  Not that I had any idea how I was going to do it.   But even now there is an ache inside me for her company,  her ready smile and her practicality.  Mo never overcomplicated things, she saw everything in simple terms which is how it should be.  I really enjoyed putting this page together, it sort of came together by accident,  while I was looking for something else I found the two papers, the plain green and patterned, then decided to do some tearing,  the white tear was a bit too stark so I used the TH distress inks on them, the other stuff came about after a declutter,  then suddenly there was a page.  I guess it should say In Memorium,   but I didn't want that, it was my turning point, as bitter and as painful as it was, and it didn't happen over night. Oh boy was I angry at her passing, and that anger stayed for a while.   But eventually I picked myself up.   And that is what the next page will reflect.   Got to say this is so cathartic...

A new day tomorrow, and when I become a reiki practitioner for a few hours,  I've found it so rewarding. 

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