Friday, 23 March 2012

More ironing!

No not clothes...  wax.  I felt that I deserved a treat having braved the dentist,  and for doing all the housework yesterday.

Felt much happier with the results today,  I didn't press hard as I had been doing,  just need to make sure I get the right amount of wax on the iron.  I also found a lot of tutorials on Youtube, and of course some amazing pictures.   I really would like the stylus,  not sure whether to buy one from Hobbycraft, or get it from CnC.   The latter has a kit, and it comes with the extra bits, plus more wax,  whereas Hobbycraft just sell the stylus.  Decisions, decisions!   Or I could get more wax and paper from HC?   Mmmm,  that sounds like an idea!

Did this pic, on left by applying the blue wax to bottom of card, then a mix of green and blue to top half.  Made the tree with the tip of the iron, not a bad effort.

I moved on from there to the red/purple,  and dark blue,  again I applied the wax separately,  using the purple mixed with white for the lower half,  then the violet for the top bit.  Oh and a bit of gold chucked in.   At least I had achieved more of a landscape effect than the first few efforts.  The chap on the DVD actually says that if you do iron you are at a disadvantage!  

This, in fact both to a certain extent, reminded me of the Northern Lights, which a friend of mine was lucky enough to see.   I was trying to get that 'curtain' of light,   which I think is so magical.   The stylus would make all the difference,  with that you can do fine work,  which you simply can't with the iron,  it is just too clumsy.

  This was my 3rd effort,  I used the dayglo red and yellow,  my terms for the colours, along with some white and got this colour combo.  It was all a bit wild,  and of course the more you apply the iron the more the picture will change.   I added some blue at the bottom to kind of represent water.   This was all a bit mad,  I just kept applying colour, just dabbing it on with the iron.

It is all a whole load of fun though, and I can highly recommend it. 

No reiki sessions for me today, had the most bizarre accident this morning, was having a shower and managed to drop the shower gel, a full and large bottle of Sanex,  onto my foot!   Had a nice bruise and a very sore foot.   Just didn't fancy hobbling around all day at the centre.  I have a full day at an MBS fair tomorrow,  that is Mind Body and Spirit,  holistic and new age stuff,  a much bigger affair than the last one we did.   I usually attend this MBS as a customer,  so this will be my first time as a seller!    

I hope to get round to more crafting on Sunday.    Possibly a few more tags!

Have a great weekend.


CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh these are gorgeous, I love the pink one. Zo xx

Cazzy said...

Fabulous effects, this is what made me buy the kit, must get it out, now where did I put it?

Cazzy x