Wednesday, 14 March 2012

This is the only ironing I will do!

Who would have thought that ironing could be so much fun? 

I thought I'd move on to landscapes.  I looked at the DVD,   the booklet is very good and packed with information, but the one thing it doesn't give you is all those extra hints.  I also found it useful to see the wax being applied to the card,  and realising that it wasn't meant to cover all of the card.

This is a flat horizon,  you get this by first loading up the iron with wax,   then running the iron across in a straight line from left to right.  Once you're happy with what you've got you can then 'add' a water effect,  this is achieved by simply heating that part of the card and then wiping away the wax with a tissue!    On this picture I tried my hand at adding some birds,   which is a bit tricky,  you apply a very small dot of wax, using the tip of the iron,  then flick two lines from it and hope it looks like a bird! 

Next type of horizon was the hilly variety.  It took me a bit longer to get the hang of this one.  Instead of going left to right you do the opposite, so you are pushing the wax,  and doing a very gentle half circle motion to get the soft lines of the hills,  the water effect was achieved same way as on first  pic.  I  also added some blue along the time,  it is supposed to be sky!  But it wasn't quite right,  now if I hadn't been so impatient and waited I'd have seen how to add a soft sky on the DVD,  but NOT using the iron, rather you use your fingers. 

There's no doubt that this one is my favourite, I switched to the dark blue.  The intention this time was to get a jagged mountain effect.  You need to hold the iron at a steep angle and drag it,  at the same time you move it up and down. 

What I love so much about it is that it is almost impossible not to get a goodish result right from the off.   I've allowed myself one of the packs of paper to work through the DVD,  for me this is the best approach, others may just wish to dive in and see what happens. 

Sadly no crafting tomorrow,   mum has a hospital appointment,  not sure why we are bothering as she has refused any further treatment,   so the entire afternoon will be taken up for a ten minute consult. 

Oh well got the weekend to look forward to,  forecast is for rain!   Good,  that way I won't feel guilty for not being outside enjoying any nice weather.  

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CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow this are fab. I do love the look of this art form but am wary of using the iron, I'd burn myself! Yours are stunning and I love seeing how you're learning the new techniques. Zo x