Sunday, 11 March 2012

A lazy day

First, answer to Julia re yesterday's blog.  Yes image was stamped,  clarity stamp, Wild Frames,  archival ink,  onto textured card,  a lot of torn paper,  metal butterfly (which I got from a craft fair) - and card is to be given to a friend, for her birthday.   Many thanks for bothering to read my witterings :-)

Today was a lazy day.  I did wake up at 4 a.m.,   after a bit of tossing and turning decided to have a mug of tea and return to the land of nod.  2 hours later I was awake again, and feeling hungry,   well 6 a.m., has been my wake up call for most of my life!   So toast and another mug of tea,  plus painkiller (for wonky knee) and back to sleep... next wake up,  9.45!  Did double take on clock,  had I really slept that long?   So some mooching,  tea,  crossword solving,  tidy up kitchen,  and then hit shower,    revived I make sense of hair,  apply creams to various bits of body....   osteorgen cream for hot flushes,  face cream - not sure why,  some E45 for a bit of ecezma I've developed.    Starting to feel human,  brain starting to work...  time for read of the Sunday newspaper,  and make bacon butty - nothing quite like a bacon butty! 

To wash car or not to wash car - well what are Monday mornings for?   So car can wait.   Time to hit the craft table,  want to complete at least one scrap challenge.   Compare the 2 outstanding challenges,  one requires a lot of photos,   a good challenge,  but the other needs one photo... go for easy option.  Haven't yet installed printer, or downloaded photos I need... that takes 45 minutes,  15 to install program from CD, only for program to tell me it needs to be updated!  So get through all that,  get photos from FB,  and at last I can start to craft! 

Need to decide to faff,  or in other words, waste time selecting papers... or limit myself?   Choose the latter, grab first 12x12 pad that comes to hand,  a bit grungy, but it will have to do, otherwise I'll start faffing, and I don't want to faff.   Only one slight diversion from chosen pad,  a paper from a different kit, but one that was staring at me!   Apt title, quote from Maya Angelou,  very apt for niece....  butterfly is supplied by Slice...  done!   Feel a lot happier.   Will tackle the Feb challenge at some point, have the photos, just need to sort them all out for printing.

Next on sticky note...  skype friend!   Well business partner as well, we discuss upcoming MBS fairs,  agree on a 'look',  going for the ethnic look,  not corporate,  or T shirts.... we agree on some Kurtnas,  go google it!    So timetable for next couple of months is sorted,  dress code sorted,  just a few things to edit.

New PC is now sorted,  it did throw me a curve ball today, it has a card reader installed, as opposed to the old A drive.  Until I loaded the printer software, the card reader drive had been acting normally,  so after printer is installed card reader drive goes AWOL!    It reverted to Kodak printer card reader... funny it never did that on old PC, which also had a card reader installed.   Still trying to find stuff on Windows 7,   like My Docs,  which used to contain everything, now it is all split up.   Just a question of getting used to it.   Still not used to this super duper speed...   blink and I miss something!  Sadly that does not apply to Zynga,  I play Castleville, but currently it won't load,  Zynga know about it,  and in fact it is an ongoing issue, so why not solve it zynga?   Customer service?   Do these companies ever understand the term: customer service? 

Must go and catch up with the Dancing on Ice results...  thanks so much for stopping by.

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kokoclowie said...

As I had neglected my own blog for a while, I thought I would catch up on yours. Love the colours on this page - purple and green always go together no matter what shades are used! Must get on with my own challenges this wek, thank you for the inspiration :-) Karen xxx