Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Gray Day

Yep it was BG time on CnC!    She has become my hero.  I learned so much today,  from the scene scape she created, though think a B/W photo would have been easier to trace,  to the poly bag idea.  All brilliant.  I got in early with my stamp order choosing the wild frame stamp set.  Next on the list is the stuff for the next lesson,  got some of the ink pads, think I am missing 2,  and of course the stamps.

So inspired by BG I got out the clarity stamps and my big and juicy.  Funny only a few months ago I had no idea how to use a big and juicy, or a brayer,   and came up with this quickie card,  I also used the masking technique to turn the stamp 'upside' down.

I also got another 2 pages of my AJ book done,  it is coming along nicely.   I knew that I needed to use some Angels,  and to bring in my reiki training.  So...

This had to be the next page.  I learned about reiki when I joined the carer's organisation,  once I'd signed up they asked me what pampering I'd like,  I had no idea what the lady was talking about, so she explained that they offered holistic treatments,  reiki, aromatherapy massage or crystal healing.  I really wanted the massage but that was booked up, so went for the reiki,  I had no idea how that choice was to change my life.  Once I'd had my treatments at the centre my curiosity about reiki began,  I looked for courses and found one at the Well Barn,  which is local to me.  All that is on this page is significant to me,  the picture of the Well Barn, the reiki symbol, the 'keys' meaning I'd found one of my keys,  the butterfly denoting freedom and how transient our life can be.

So next page had to be... my turning point. The Barn was my saving grace,  not only did it give me reiki but also some much needed therapy, and a lot of healing. I also found a friend.  Well two if I count Poppy, the dog!   Animals know who is lost and lonely, who needs help, they go straight to them,  Poppy never let me alone when I did my reiki course,  she gave me so much comfort.   I went on to take my Second Degree reiki, which then meant I could practice if I wished.  I wasn't sure at that point what I'd do with it.  I was still needing a lot of treatment for my knee, plus surgery, so I wasn't much use to anyone.  But I did feel my life had entered a new chapter. 
This page represents that,  the Angel,  because I do believe in them,  her goals are held in her hand, within reaching distance,  there for the taking if we dare.   To do so we need belief in ourselves,  and to realise that life is to be enjoyed.  And that we must 'listen' to our hearts desire,  trust our instinct.  

Thanks again for stopping by.   Take good care

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