Sunday, 25 March 2012

In the Summertime

What a gorgeous day!    In fact the weather has been fabulous for a few days now,  just hope this isn't our 'summer'!   I wasn't able to enjoy the sunshine yesterday as it was time for another MBS fair, this time it was local so I was spared any of the travelling.  But it did seem a shame to be cooped up inside on such a sunny day.  I think the punters must have thought the same thing, it was busyish,  and we had a steady stream of customers.   I met up with a few old friends, and made some new ones!  There is always a lovely atmosphere at the fairs,  and everyone is happy to help each other. 

I took along my encaustic art work to show one friend,  sure enough she had ideas about how I could use them.   They seemed to be a hit with everyone,  they didn't go on sale,  they'll be used for something else.   More of that at a later date.

Today it was time to get out the craft stuff, first job was to decorate some bits and bobs for our stall,  we need display stuff, so that is all down to me to transform the old stuff.   Next it was back to the wax.  Well if I am to do what I want, then I need plenty of practice!   I really wanted to get to grips with using stamped images and the wax,  you do need to use solid or silhouette images,  so I chose this clarity stamp, it is a favourite of mine.   I wanted part of the image left blank,   which was kind of tricky,  but I just about managed, any stray bits of wax were wiped away.    I kept on messing till I got an effect I liked,   I just added a hint of red to the sky in the stamped image,  and by a happy accident I got a nice releflection under the fairy's foot! 

I also wanted to use the coloured card, in particular the black glossy card.   This spooky picture was the result of mixing, some green, blue and gold,  and white....  the black card totally transformed the colours,  I think it has given the picture a smoky effect.    I cut the A5 in half to get two A6 cards,  may as well get value for money. 

I should I guess take photos as I go along,  but I am usually too eager to get on with making the picture!    I will try to remember on Tuesday, if I get the chance of any crafting. 

My mum's stairlift wasn't working properly,  it started playing up on Thursday,  she then forget to check it on Friday, so hardly suprising that on Saturday the damn thing wouldn't work.   I did what I could but it needed the engineer, so she rang him.  He first had to go to Birmingham to fix a stair lift there, which of course meant he didn't get round to fixing mum's stair lift till late afternoon, so she was stuck indoors.   Thus today she was expecting me to offer to take her out, but I wasn't feeling too well,  I had cystitis.   I am going to Hobbycraft tomorrow, so mum is coming with me for the drive, and we'll stop and have lunch somewhere.  She could of course have phoned her son and spent the afternoon in his garden! 

Now off to tackle more adverts and stuff for the MBS fairs. 

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather, thanks for stopping by.

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Julia S-W said...

Wow Cassidy - these just keep getting better! I love the way you've used one piece and added the stamping to it - it works so well.
I really love what you call the 'spooky' piece! To me, it looks like a view from down amongst the stems of plants in a flower bed (if your were a REALLY tiny midget that is!). I can't wait to see what you do with these in particular. The black card clearly adds another dimension and if you ask me, lifts the whole effect onto another level. Totally gorgeous!
Sorry to hear about the stairlift and all the problems it creates when not working. It's interesting that one person in particular gets all the stress and work isn't it? Keep that chin up and just think what lovely things you are doing for your Mum.