Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tense, nervous...

Everton are playing in FA cup match!  It's on telly.   May be chewing nails at some juncture.  I can hear mother muttering about the football being on, questioning why Corrie isn't on... probably cos it is Tuesday. 

Twas another bootiful day,  it made it to 19C here, positively balmy.    Did a spot of gardening, okay I plucked a few weeds from various pots,  well it is a start.   Planters look as though they need a coat of paint!  

Right first task was the supermarket shop,  I make my list, put it in my pocket and there it stays until I reach the checkout, I do glance at it then noting what items are missing from the trolley!   Hey ho. The staples were in there, bread, wine,  cheese, milk and of course chocolate.   And return home to find mum still moaning about her hairdresser,  his mother died some ten days ago after a long battle with cancer, his father isn't doing so well and is my mother showing any sympathy? Nope!     All that was between me and some crafting was mum's dental appointment,  once that was done I could finally have a bit of 'me' time.   So off to dentist,  book mum in,  receptionist informs me that appointment has been cancelled?   Odd, we didn't cancel, but it seems they did!  Charming.  So now had option of waiting for 30 minutes or rebooking....  stuff waiting,  I had an appointment with craft table, so rebooked. 

And now breathe...   out came the wax, what else?    Got some new colours,  and the stylus,  and at 7 a.m. this morning I had caught a repeat of the encaustic show on CnC!   So had a play. Out came the lighter blue,  just used that to make the picture above.   Even I can't quite believe this is all made with an iron!  Crazy.

Then I chopped the red glossy card in half,  and just used the white wax - loads of it.   Then just kept on working the iron,  it is hard to see from the photo, but if you look at the actual picture and relax your eyes you can see loads of images in it.  I also used the stylus on this,  it is a bit tricky to work with, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. 

We've scored! 

Sorry,  Everton 1, Sunderland 0.  

Back to picture,   I did notice that the red card seemed to resist the wax far more than the black.   I'll have  to try the other colours,  got some gold, copper, silver, pink...   I'm intrigued to see how they all behave with the wax and what results I'll get. 

I suppose at some point I should make a start on the wedding candles!   Not sure whether to risk asking mum to apply the transfers?   Off to ponder... 

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CraftygasheadZo said...

So it's an all Merseyside semi final then! Exciting. I was listening to my boys (Bristol Rovers) on the radio last night, but we lost. I love your wax art pics great depths and intrigue to them. Zo xx