Wednesday, 28 March 2012

So, went to the craft shop...

Spent £1.97,  got two gorgeous stamps,  3 sheets of 12x12 card, some borders and U Mount!   Oh,  I did have a gift voucher and a 10% off coupon - bargain or what!  

I thought it was time to get my act together regarding the wedding, need to make an exploding box for the happy couple.  I have all the bits and bobs, just didn't have any suitable card.    Then I spotted the new Indio Blu stamps...    drool!    Well with my penchant for Owls how could I NOT buy this stamp?   I've been looking for a really nice Owl stamp for ages,  and there he was,  just waiting for me.  Not had chance to use him yet...  watch this space! 

Then I had to decide which of the other stamps to buy.  It was hard,  I wanted all of them,  but such extravagance is out of the question sadly.    I was very tempted by the Poppys,  as it had a lovely sentiment on it, and I do like my sentiments.  In the end I went for...

This lovely lady.  I thought she would work well with the encaustic art work as it is a solid image.  It's also a decent sized stamp, well they both are,  they'll easily fill an A6 card. 

They would have been played with today but I'd promised a friend to look into how to set up an online shop.  Then there was the confusion caused by mum.   She had two appointments, first with the dentist, then the hairdresser.  I asked her if she was then intending to go meet her friends for  coffee in the village, she said yes.   I took that to mean she would get a taxi from hairdressers to village.  So after depositing her at the hairdresser I headed home, for what I thought would be a nice quiet afternoon.   At 3.30pm she phones me and asks when I will be picking her up!  I'm confused,  she is insisting that I had said I'd take her to the village..  but will I come and get her.  So off I go,  3.30 pm and the roads are full of school traffic!    Nope I have nothing better to do than to waste my time and petrol in going to pick her up.   When I get there she apologises as she had remembered what she'd told me!   Bloody great, she had sat in the hairdressers for over an hour waiting for me to come and pick her up!  Doh! 

I also wanted petrol, but thanks to that dumbest of Ministers, telling us all to go top up our tanks and stock pile petrol, there wasn't any to be had!  How thick can you be?   His ruddy driver won't run out of petrol will he?     My car isn't a luxury, it is a necessity,   due to having a badly damaged knee and back.   I wasn't going to fill the tank, just get my usual amount,  but thanks to that Ministerial Idiot, and the incredibly selfish I wasn't able to.    What is it with policiticians?  Is it a requirement of their job that they be removed from all sense of reality,  have no commonsense and be totally out of touch? 

On that note... 

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Julia S-W said...

That owl stamp is wonderful! I looked at these stamps and really loved the lady too but didn't get her in the end - I was pretending to be frugal!
What a nuisance for you having to rush off when you thought you had a nice little bit of time to yourself - it's sods law really isn't it?
Petrol?? So irritating that when we do get any it costs soooo much - our car is a bit thirsty and I'm dreading thought of finding a garage that has any left - we have to take my daughter to Gatwick on saturday so fingers crossed.
Did your Mum get to the dentist by the way??
Enjoy looking at your goodies at least!