Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Have a new crafty toy!

My encaustic art kit arrived today,   it didn't take long before the wrapping was off and the goodies were out.   I did read the instructions,  not like me at all, but I'd heeded Leonie's words of caution, she'd plunged in and then wondered why she wasn't getting the results she wanted. 

So I had a play first,  just heated up the iron, got a piece of the paper and loaded some wax,  and away I went!   Then I decided to watch the DVD to get some tips.   This is what I produced after watching the first few segments.   The DVD is very good,  demostrations are clear and concise,  with a lot of good tips. 
This was my attempt at a landscape,  okay a surreal landscape!   But it doesn't matter as you can't help but produce stunning effects.  This was the next effort, using 3 colours this time,  starting with the yellow, red then blue.  After that you can start to make patterns. 

I found it very therapuetic,  so relaxing.   I'll be trying all of the exercises on the DVD.    You're supposed to be able to use stamps,  the BG Clarity stamps will be ideal.   I can see this becoming addictive!

First part of the day wasn't as pleasant,  trip to dentist!  But the dentist was nice,  got a few more dental appointments to go before the smile is back to what it was. 

All for now folks

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Julia S-W said...

Wow! These are fab Cassidy. I really like the 'landscape' one - the colours are gorgeous. Lucky you!