Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunny Monday!

Well the weather is nuts,  it is more like summer, everyone is in T shirts,  no leaves on the trees - mad! 

Sadly my bed was acting more like a magnet this morning, it was so cosy,  and I was so snug...    I did eventually manage to lever myself from the bed.   Now the plan was to get to Hobbycraft, which is near Chester,   so I was taking mum so she could have a day out, we'd get some lunch at a pub and that would mean no cooking for me.   And it didn't take very long for it all to fall apart,  mainly due to my mother's inertia,  while she was dithering she remembered that she'd not paid our electric/gas bill,  so muggins had to go queue up in Post Office, then join queue for petrol...  by the time that was all done it was lunch time and my tummy was complaining!    So we had lunch at home,  then headed over to Hobbycraft.    I only wanted some encaustic wax,  and was also hoping that they might just have some nice stamps to use with the wax...  well they had the encaustic kits, and the stylus (with extra tips) but the stamps were all a bit naff.   So came home with the stylus, Purple Cows stylus,  does same job and a much nicer colour, and the wax. 

Took a different route home, just to keep mum amused,   the clock in the car was confusing me till I remembered I'd not altered it.   Mum was confusing me by asking questions about new buildings etc she was noticing...   felt like baling out.    And would like to thank confused elderly driver for nearly causing me and another car to crash...  said elderly driver had no idea of where she was or what she was doing.

Finally made it home,  and of course out came the new toy!   Love it,   more possibilities,  lots and lots of them, and haven't yet tried all the tips that came with it.  The new set of waxes has some lighter blues and reds plus a lovely pink.   Will be doing much playing this week. 

Posted a new pic of a piece of encaustic art work, the stamp is by Lindsay Mason, I've now got to grips with the stamping element.   I love this little stamp, it is so sweet.   I used the iron to make the archway.  

Lovely stuff...    and more sunny stuff  tomorrow!

And thank you Julia for your kind comments on the last blog.

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Julia S-W said...

I LOVE reading your posts about what you've been up to - it makes me laugh, I can feel when things don't go well and I can almost imagine loads of the things you write about - fab! My father-in-law has altzheimers so I can sympathise - they don't live with us though!
You are earning your sainthood remember!

Still loving your wax work - that stamp looks fab.