Sunday, 18 March 2012

Normal stuff

After two months of promising myself I will make tags I finally got round to it!    It was a lovely sunny day so I chose some spring colours,  paper came from a PM kit, which has been lying around for two years in my stash draw,  butterfly is one of the Anita peel offs,  sentiment came from same place as paper,  and flowers...  PM (Paper Mania) all various kits, there is also a cog lurking under the flowers!   All finished off with a scrap of ribbon.    I also seem to be tearing everything!  

Before I got crafting popped up to local craft shop,  couldn't face the thought of the M62 on such a nice day. So new purchases were: set of stamps,  Cogs,  Angelina fibres, and some high tac DST.    The craft shop is situated in a garden centre, which also boasts a very good restaurant, so the place was packed with families taking mum for lunch.

I did consider washing the car... but the call of the craft table was just far too strong. 

Next up were the Angelina fibres.  I had never considered using them before,  I'd seen them and always loved the effect but the thought of having to get the iron etc had put me off. But now I have a craft iron, so no more excuses.  This is just part of what will be a card, well it will be at some point!    I stamped onto clear acetate,  using a Clarity Stamp:Wild Frame,  then used the blue fibres to make the background.  Actually the plan was that the stamp would make an impression onto the fibres, but it didn't work.  So much for Youtube demos!   I'll try to finish it off this week,  but have got a busy week ahead,  and several trips to dentist,  me and mum - joy of joys! 

But I still wasn't finished, oh no, was on a crafting roll!   It was time to make another page of my AJ book.  I'd sort of got stuck,  the book reflects my journey since 2008, when everything went pear shaped.  I'd reached the point where I had realised that I had to make some big changes,  on a personal and spiritual level. 

The quote is from Maya Angelou (such a wise woman)

"Stepping onto a brand new path is
difficult,  but not more difficult than
remaining in a situation which is not nurturing the whole woman"

That neatly epitomised my situation,  I was faced with the choice of carrying on as I was and remaining stagnant, or daring to step onto a new and unknown path, one that frankly scared me.   It meant dealing with old issues once and for all,  and making decisions that would be difficult for my family to deal with.    So I chose to head down the new path,  which of course will be reflected in the next page.   Why the owl?  Well this bird seems to figure large in my life,   I was once driving home from my sister's, on the A55 and an Eagle Owl flew right in front of my windscreen, it was an amazing sight,  I've seen so many since,  real, carved, in pictures, they seem to be everywhere I go.  Even my car has one, a fluffy owl,  very cute,  he's called Harry,  he keeps the dragon company (er... no the dragon isn't me!  Cheek).    Whenever I pay a visit to Elaine's shop she always seems to have a new owl product for me to buy!   This one is a gorgeous Woodware stamp,  it is so detailed.   Oh yeah the doilly,  well I have no idea how long that has been lurking in my stash draw,  in fact I have a whole pack of them - can't imagine why I bought them?  

Enough of this waffle,  have one more pic left but can't post it as it is this months swap card. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and for all the mums,  Happy Mothers Day! 

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