Saturday, 17 March 2012

Waxing lyrical!

Yep, still at the waxing...  well practice as they say, makes perfect.  Just working on the techniques,  realised what I was doing wrong,  pressing too hard on the iron.  I guess that is what happens when are used to doing proper ironing! 
But I have found that it is almost impossible to make a mistake,  this picture for example, almost ended up in the bin,  then I played with it a bit more and got this lovely effect.  I've used Paint Shop pro to add the text.
I have a few craft vouchers so may use some to get the stylus, then I can do more intricate work,  and the fantasy work.   I also had an attempt at using a stamp with the wax,  well it worked,  sort of,  I realised that you need to use a silhouette stamp,  or a solid stamp,  I have got a few fairy stamps,  and lots of tree stamps, so I will have another go.  

Tomorrow I need to get back to some crafting,  got a card to finish and need to get going on the candles.   Those are the candles for the wedding,   I dumped the idea of using the waterslide decal,  it was just far too fiddly,  I've found some A4 sized clear stickers,  and they work a treat.  I've also used them for the other candles, to put on small quotes,  and you can stamp onto them to. 

Today I picked up a copy of the 365 scrap magazine, I've been keeping a lookout for it,  finally Smiths had it on the shelf.   Quite impressed,  lots of new ideas,  some to try and some to admire.

Now do I take a trip to Hobbycraft tomorrow?   Or wash the car?   Yes I realise that to most crafters that is a no brainer,  but car is in desperate need of a wash! 

Enjoy your weekend,  many thanks for stopping by.

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Julia S-W said...

Hi Cassidy! Very interesting seeing what you're doing with your wax stuff. Some of it looks like folded silk fabric - a really neat effect! Why you would want to do more ironing though - for fun??? - escapes me!

Hobbycraft or car wash, mmmmmm. . . . tough one that! There's a car wash not far from our HC where these chaps do it all for you and for an obscene amount of money - obscene because you wouldn't catch me doing it for so little! Car washing is not my thing!
Have a good day tomorrow.