Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rats and double fink....

The PC died...  tried the recovery disks but it seems it was beyond recovery :-(    So considered if it was worth getting it repaired,  but considering it was nearly 10 years old it would also need more RAM as it had been running very slowly.  Added up the cost of what I would need and...  went to get a new PC, just the tower bit,  which reduced the cost quite considerably.   Well I can't be without a PC,  use it for business as well, so it is vital.   So now I have an all singing and dancing Windows 7 PC,  still finding my way around Windows 7,  but do like some of the new features, well those I've found so far. 
There was however one snag to overcome, to get connected to the internet.  Normally it would have meant plugging in my Livebox,  but think old PC must have upset the settings on it as no matter what I tried I could not get connected.  Rang helpline,  spoke to a chap in India, he just suggested what I'd already done,  plus he said he'd tweaked a few things his end!   No success,  so rang them again, this time I got a nice Indian lady who had the connection up and running within minutes - why couldn't the other plonker have done the same?   Thanked nice lady,  order had been restored,  my world was complete... phew.   All that was left to do was to load the essentials,   lost the lot on the old PC, hadn't backed it up recently,  smack on wrist for me, cos usually I back up the important stuff.  Not that there was much that was important.  

But all that faffing meant I had no chance to play with my new BG stamps.  Definitely had to correct that! So had a play today and came up with this,  just a bit of messing around,   used a textured card,  really like the effect I got,  then tore some paper, and inked a plain white piece, and tore that,  used the TH tape and added a quote from Maya Angelou, oh and the butterfly!    Not made a card in ages.  Been doing so much brayering lately.   Need to make a mothers day card tomorrow.

I have been watching CnC today,  saw that the encaustic art show was on,  I recently met someone who has been doing it, she showed me her pictures and well that was it, decided I had to have the kit.  I did look around to see if it was cheaper elsewhere, and it was but with a lot less in it,  you do get quite a bit of stuff with the CnC starter kit pack.    I'm hoping they get it to me by next Wednesday,  my BG stamps only took 3 days,  fingers crossed this is the same.  Plus it will be very apt as it is my birthday pressie to me! 

Enjoy your weekend folks, and thanks for stopping by.


Julia S-W said...

Lovely card. Did you stamp the black area too? It's really effective. Gorgeous butterfly - almost to good to give away!

kokoclowie said...

Ooh this is pretty. I have some of those metal butterflies, I feel a few girlie cards coming on! Good job I have a few girlie birthdays coming up! Karen xxx

BJ said...

Just spotted this card Cassidy and I LOVE it. Is my birthday coming up - oops sadly it has just gone by - ho hum - BJ