Sunday, 5 August 2012

So exhausting!

Not sure how much more I can cope with re the Olympics,  a Gold rush last night, more today... I'm knackered.

But I did manage to get some crafting done today.  My ideas came to me after rummaging through my stash and stumbling across my embossing paste,  not used that for ages.   So it was tag time!   Out came the card, the distress inks,   found a suitable stencil, and off I went.

I was inspired by Sheena Douglas to do this technique, using several inks on one piece of card.  Then I added the Indigo Blu script stamp, just random,  just felt like thinking outside of the box. 

So happy with that, on to the next bit...

This is the stencil I chose, and I opted for the white embossing paste.  I bought this stuff nearly 3 years ago and it is still perfectly usable,  so very impressed.    Only one problem, I'd mislaid (my way of saying I have put away my palette knives somewhere safe) the palette knife!  No idea what I've done with it, other than it has been very carefully stored somewhere!

So used a bog standard knife as the applicator.

I love this stencil, looks so sophisticated.   Very unlike me!  So my lady was now on the card,  just needed to let the paste dry,  which takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  So I got on with prepping another tag, and other bits and bobs for it.

By this time the tennis had started,   I so wanted Andy Murray to win,  I'd watched him play all week and just sensed that something had changed, he was playing with more conviction.   Even so it was a nervous time,  but he played brilliantly,   he had total belief and he did it in 3 sets, no mean feat against Roger Federer.   It was a well deserved Gold Medal,  good thing I don't bite my nails,  rather I had my stint on my mini cycle,  think I must have made it to Wales and back!

By which time the embossing paste was now dry enough to colour.

So out came the promarkers, and a metallic pen,  plus a lot of wondering about what else to put on the tag! 

I used the metallic papermania pen on the main part of the hat, and her collar, and the promarker purple on the underside of the hat and ribbon.  Add a string of pearls to her hat,   stamped and glossy accented one flower,   dug around for a smaller flower, found one, used 3 shades of purple on it, thanks to pro markers,  another dollop of glossy accents,  two more 'pearls' for the centre of the flowers, and finished off with a die cut flourish and some ribbon from the new stash I got yesterday. 

I'm rather chuffed with this.   Wasn't sure how many flowers to put on it,  but just felt that two were enough.   Love that script stamp, it is a very chunky stamp, but open to interpretation.

Yep all round a good day,   planted up my new bedding plants,  Mother Nature was kind enough to bless me with a short sharp shower just after I'd finished putting them in the planter, saved me a job. Dead-headed the roses,   pulled out a few weeks,  made it all tidy and rounded off with a Bacon sandwich...  And a few Gold Medals!  

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, your tag is lovely - love the finished stencil and the very pretty flowers.

Didn't Andy do well - I'm so pleased for him and the Olympics are proving to be very distracting ... in the nicest possible way :)


Julia S-W said...

Love the script background and the stencil you chose for your main image works so well with it. When I use textural paste I seem to get it everywhere! A really beautiful tag finished off with those lovely flowers - now I'm typing this I can't look back at what you wrote (grrr!) so I'm not sure if you made them or coloured them yourself. . . . brain like a sieve sadly!
I'm now waiting for your next creation. . . and hoping you'll enter more challenges:)

kokoclowie said...

Lovely colours Cass, and the script background is stunning. Its when I see projects like these that I think maybe its about time I had a go at embossing paste . . . maybe!!
Karen xxx

Cass said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments, they are much appreciated.


BJ said...

Knew I was missing something on UKPC, but found you all - LOL - Super Duper tag Cassidy - BJ thinking texture Paste LOTS now.