Monday, 6 August 2012

Keeping it simples

I do like the motto: Keep it simple.  Makes life so much easier, especially in crafting.

Yesterday I was busy with tags,  one was much more involved than the other.  Yet I can't say that one gave me more pleasure than the other. 

The first was purple and I used embossing paste,  for  the second I used golden colours.  Started with the same technique I used on the purple tag,  working different coloured inks into the card,    I used cut 'n dry,  prefer that now to the blender tool,  which I just keep for my alcohol inks. 

So once the tag was done it was then a case of how to decorate it.  I wanted another 'lady',  so went for the Indigo Blu music hall stamp set.  I did consider some embossing, but chose to just stick with the adirondiac espresso.   Topped off with a die cut flower,  and a few bits of trimming.

Here is a closer look at the 'lady',  she's very glam, with her outrageous hat and hair.   Used a bendy peel off round the edge. 

You can't get much simpler than that!  

I think tho I may now try my hand at some box frames,  I've seen them and quite fancy having a go.  It would also be fun to try different ways with the embossing paste,  I am however very impressed that all four jars have lasted this long! 

It has been a very uneventful day today,  just the humdrum stuff.  A different district nurse came to see mum, and decided to change the regime, wish they would make up their minds!   I'm begining to doubt if they actually have any sort of plan for this wound, other than putting a dressing on it.  I am damn sure that medical science has advanced a bit.   I am seriously thinking of suggesting to mum that she tries the holistic route,  well regular medicine has so far failed her.

I have a free reiki session to look forward to tomorrow, I SO will enjoy that!


kokoclowie said...

Another great tag, and I recognise the stamp from my birthday card!

I'm wondering if its the done thing to just add dressings to wounds as my mum is in the same boat. Those sores have been with her since before Christmas and they're still only coming every three days to put a clean dressing on. No lotions or potions. Dont understand it, even a plaster you put on a cut has a certain amount of medication in it!

Thank goodness for our crafting which keeps us a little sane!
Karen xxx

Julia S-W said...

A gorgeous tag Cassidy! Love the stamp - not just because I have it either!

Sorry things are so trying with your Mum's problems - I would try anything and think your holistic idea would certainly be worth a try.

I've blogged the little canvas I sent you and put it in a challenge. It won't get anywhere because it hasn't got enough stamping on it but I wanted to put it on my blog!!

Hope tomorrow is a bit better for you.