Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer is back... briefly

Take a blank piece of card,  two adirondiac inks,  Eggplant and Lettuce,   use a mask and...  you get this!  Boring?  Yes,  very boring.   So add to the mix a few stamps, some die cuts,  flower soft.      Mess with cuttlebug to see how many pieces of card I need to emboss,   found the cost of the no shims mat a bit on the expensive side,  and for the sake of using bits of card...  So die cut was cut,  one from a piece of copper coloured card, and one from silver mirri.  Arranged all the stamps,  itsy bitsy stamps,  really fiddly but worth it.  Then stamped the large image,  used some holographic embossing powder to add some depth.   Looking good!   Time for a cuppa and reflection, was it all going to work?   I thought so,   I then arranged the flower soft,  the pic still needed something - a few birds?    Flying birds, or birds on a wire?   Oh the decisions, another cuppa while I ummed over which birds to use...

Ended up with birds on a branch.  Stuck on the bike, my new die,  stamped in some trees,  a bit of ink blot stamp going on with them - and it was done!  I like quirky okay, hence the lamp post in a field...  well it could be a park?    Think this will be transferred to the other piece of canvas board. 

I couldn't wait any longer to get the bicycle die,  well I might have done had the price been in double figures, but it wasn't.  Sadly yet another Indigo Blu stamp fell into my basket, never sure how that happens - LOL.   And I got the shim,  had a look at a few other bits and bobs,  but really not a lot was tempting me.  The manager was there and said she had ordered some dylusional stuff...   she was trying to get me to look at the Christmas stuff, but I resisted,  not interested in the C word till nearer the time,  and then there is all the stuff in my Christmas box of stash.    I almost bought the free Kanban kit on CnC, for club members, you only pay the postage.   But instead I got some TH stamps for a Fiver on Ebay!    My friend who runs a shop took a look at the other canvas I'd done and she was all for selling it in her shop :-)    Played fetch with Poppy her Jack Russell,  while we enjoyed a cuppa in the sunshine, yes summer was back!

Tomorrow I'll be playing with the new stamp...  !   Might be more brayering methinks.    All in all a satisfying day, it started amusingly with the geese flying over,  making a right racket, then right at the back was this smaller one making an even bigger noise and flapping like mad, I'm sure he was saying 'wait for me!',  it was just so funny.   And even the district nurse turned up,  we discussed when she would come again,  we decided it would be Thursday, so you can imagine how surprised I was to get a phone call from her to say they were going back to the monthly visits!   She has at least ordered glove, more dressings etc for me.   This is because mum has refused to have any invasive treatment on the wound,   the consultant thinks mum is allergic to the implant,  so he'd have to remove it,  since mum is in end stage cardiac failure it isn't a risk worth taking as she's unlikely to survive the operation.   So obviously the view of the district nurses is that they can't 'treat' the wound,  it won't heal so they are just dressing it,  now I thought that was their job?   

And thanks Julia for the tips, will try those out,  as if I'm not already getting messy enough!    Tomorrow I have the flat to myself, bliss. 

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Julia S-W said...

Your bike die cut looks really good - I like the way it leans there!
Hope I didn't over step the mark with my suggestions? Someone helped me the idea once and I know you like trying things!
Now there's a surprise with the DN! You are doing too good a job if you ask me!!