Monday, 20 August 2012

Not a good start to the week!

This morning the district nurses were supposed to come to dress mum's wound,  to ensure that they did we rang them,  good job we did as they didn't have mum down for a visit!   Grrrrr... not sure what the hell they are playing at,  told them we have NO dressings,  and all this stupid woman could say was that they'd call on Tuesday, what bloody use is that!   So had to go to the large Boots on the retail park to see if they had any large dressings - so I was not in a very good mood. 

So out came the craft stuff,  choice of two challenges to enter,  think the piece I'm working on would do for both.  Out came the slice and I cut out some shapes,  thought that this shape would make a nice flower,  once it had been inked up,  crackled etc!

And it did!   Stuck all 3 together,  then cut some leaves (if I hear one more person on any craft show saying 'leafs' I will scream, it is leaves!)  Used the TH distress inks,  and then stamped over the flower with a background stamp, wanted it to have a grungy feel to it.

Still felt that it was lacking something, another layer?   Problem with that was the slice wouldn't cut this design below 2 inches...  rats,  so rooted through design cards for another suitable flower that could be reduced in size.

So finally found one that I liked and would match up with this,  and that could be cut smaller

Bingo!    Used some Pinflair glue to give it some depth.    Very chuffed with this,  mind you it took most of the afternoon,  that is the problem with creativity - it can take time. 

I have got a plan,  sort of!   I have all the bits and bobs I need,  and Cuttlebug is on its way to me,  hoping it will be here by Wednesday,  think for it to arrive tomorrow would be asking too much?

So time to sort out the backing card,  wanted to use the distress inks,   inking round the edges, but think I've lost my touch with that technique.  Made a right mess of first effort, then had a brain wave - the brayer!    Why hadn't I thought of it before? 

So did one half in yellow and the other in light brown,  just about got the shading right.   A bit of bubble wrap, an espresso ink pad and... nice effect.    Was liking this more and more.  Used the script stamp on the other half, but did a BG, inked,  blotted and then stamped.

My brother stuck his head round my door and asked what I was doing,  I said crafting,  I'm sure he expected to see me making some pretty cards... and not this!    By now I had very inky fingers,   even the craft mat was in need of a clean,   so a quick tidy up,  and a cup of tea, rather a large mug of tea.

Just had enough time to stamp this gorgeous street lamp, by Kaisercraft,  before I needed to turn my attention to dinner.  Yes a very gratifying afternoon's work.    Not in my wildest dreams would I ever  have imagined that I'd be doing this sort of crafting,  not even sure how I got here.  Wasn't that keen on the grunge look, or steam punk, but it is growing on me. 

So now taking a break from it, also the light has gone, I don't like crafting by lamplight,  and can't afford one of those fancy lamps.  I'll be back at it tomorrow, with more pics. 

Thanks for stopping by,   much appreciated.


Julia S-W said...

If you don't chase up the 'people led services' they do very little I found with Dad!! Enough said on that other than 'if you want it done properly, do it yourself'. . . . . .
WELL. . . I'm so loving that flower of yours; it's right up my street to say the least! Love the colours too and waiting to see what you do with the finished piece!!

Cass said...

I'm also waiting to see what I do with it! Lots of ideas, I'll see what transpires later.