Monday, 27 August 2012

What a washout!

First Cream Fields was cancelled then the Music Fest in Liverpool was called off, well the outdoor stuff,  I've never known such a soggy bank holiday.  I got a soaking at the supermarket,  just the short walk from car park to door!  Then just to top things off the computer chucked a wobbler,  it is only a few months old,  had it not worked it was going to be taken back to PC World!   Luckily it sorted itself out once it had gone through safe mode,  restore and who knows what else. 

I returned to the picture I'd started yesterday and wondered how to finish it off.   So as usual, while looking for something else I came across a flower soft kit...  mmm,  so i cut out a couple of the urns,  gave them a coat of crackle varnish, and some enamel, then went a bit bonkers with the flower soft.

Made a few more flowers,  just trying different shapes,   this looks rubbish in the photo, but it is much better in real life,  the colour is richer and the enamel shows up much more.   This one got popped onto a box, and I then finished off the last four boxes,  I am sure they were multiplying as I never seemed to get to the end.   My friend is pleased with them all,  and she has sold quite a few, all in a good cause for a charity she supports.

I did take a look around some craft shops online, feel itchy to get more dies.

Two weeks till pay day,  so I guess I'll just have to hang on till then.  I think some flowers will be first on the list,  along with the lovely bicycle die I saw at my local craft shop,  it will go perfectly with the lamp post.   I also discovered that two of my stamps are damaged,  all have been cleaned and properly stored, and since it is just two, and of the same make then I can only conclude that the fault must lie with them,  I won't name them, but I am disappointed as they weren't cheap.  One is still useable,  it has a split in it but it doesn't show, the other is beyond repair.   Very annoyed about it.

Well it is tippling down again!   Tomorrow is supposed to be better, hope so as I have a ton of washing that needs doing.    Wonder if the district nurse will turn up?    Mum has also booked a mobile hairdresser to come tomorrow,  what is the betting that both arrive together?  

That's all for now folks.



BJ said...

Adorable heart box Cassidy. Finished picture with flowersfot is cool too as are the flowers. BJ

Julia S-W said...

Gorgeous boxes and I LOVE the flowers - they look like those brooches people used to wear with enamelled flowers (which is just what they are of course!!)
The card has come together beautifully. I can see that you've really thought about the composition and I bet the texture looks fab in real life! Keep going Cass: I want to see more from you please!!
On another note, I hope the nurses do turn up as they should be taking charge here. The problem with you doing the dressing is that they may perceive that you don't need them because you've perfectly capable to manage on your own; that is a sure way to losing them altogether and you don't want that! I know they're erratic and I'm glad that you're going to keep on at them but do not be 'all things to all men'. It doesn't get you anywhere because in the end, you will suffer in terms of physical and mental health, you will have no life (it's already difficult enough)and your Mum will then suffer too. I think you're amazing with all that you cope with, I really do. We must have a phone chat at some point too, as I want to talk to you about linking your blog posts to the challenge blog - it took me a while to work it out and some of them won't comment if your post doesn't show a link to their blog!!!
Right, that's me typed out for now, I have to email another friend and then I'd better hit the shower!
Hope your week goes well.