Sunday, 19 August 2012

It started with a box...

Or to be precise, a wooden pencil box.  I wanted to use my alcohol inks to see what sort of effects I could get and to get all inky and messy.  So this is how it looked at the start...

 And after much inking and dabbign this is how it looked at the end!   Used copper, gold and espressor alcohol inks,   then espresso dabbed onto a piece of bubble wrap.   Finished off with some crackle glaze.  Think there was more ink on me than on the box. 

It had been a trying day,  woke up with a start,  something wasn't feeling right with the world.  Sure enough it was mum, who was not feeling well,  think she'd had another small stroke,   I honestly wasn't sure if she'd make it till lunchtime.  I asked if she wanted me to call the doctor, but she said no in a very firm voice.   My niece, her grand-daughter was due to visit,  so had to call her,  I knew it was useless trying to put her off coming,  but I filled her in on what was happening at our end,  didn't say anything that may cause alarm,   by lunchtime mum was much better,  asked if she wanted a bacon sandwich, the answer was YES.    Niece called in an hour later, so that cheered mum up,  by tea time she was back to her usual self.   Guess there'll be a lot more of these types of days.  Life is such a rich tapestry!   Sorry I do tend to take the practical view of things, which is also what my mum does,  I know what her wishes are and I've promised to honour them.   If I sound light and breezy, trust me I am not,  this is very hard, but I have to put her needs first. 

Box will be finished over the next few days,  also hope to join in the latest Sunday Stamper challenge,  and there is a nice parcel on its way to me from CnC... a cuttlebug!   Got the discount and the flexi pay... now looking forward to the CnC super sale on Tuesday!  

Hope you all had a good weekend and that you had some sunshine.

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