Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blowing bubbles!

The sun is out, summer is back!   So smiles all round.   Too nice to be stuck in so spent the morning at the high street, walking there and back. Also got some acrylic paints and brushes.  

Back at home it was time for messing about, making backgrounds.   I must confess half got this idea from CnC when the demonstrator was using a bubble wrap stamp,  why buy one when you can just use bubble wrap?    I cut some off a roll,  then dabbed the distress inks on,  then just placed it on the card, a gentle rub and it twas done.

Added more ink round the edges.   And it was time to start building the frame.

Voila, one box frame, ready for decoration.  While rummaging for something I found a book of decoupage,  all flowers,  perfick for the frames!     These small frames are just right for starting off,   I'm planning a larger template of my own.

So out came the decoupage,  it is the pop out variety,  though I don't mind doing cutting out, in fact I rather enjoy it but most decoupage these days is the pop out stuff.    Pity as it was a good way to hone your cutting skills.

I then built up the decoupage using pin flair, and then some glossy accents, and left it to dry.

Ta - Da!    I did have to cut the decoupage down a little, not much though.   I was also working on a second frame which is a lot more involved,  should get that finished tomorrow,  it just has lots of layering up,  and having to wait for each layer to dry.

So a sunny day,  nice crafting,  but no medals!  I'm getting used to us winning something most days,  but we've got the hocky teams, men and women playing in the semis,  a female boxer also in a semi,  the BMX has started,  and more athletics.

Forecast is for more sun,  right till the weekend...  can we hope that it will last till October? 

Thanks to all for leaving lovely comments,  they do keep the mojo fired up :-))

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Julia S-W said...

I always love the look of bubble wrap stamping but forget all about when I'm making something. Love the box with the bubble stamp and the script. Decoupage isn't my thing (HATE all that cutting out!) but it looks very pretty here and I suppose the pop out stuff is bearable!
I missed a big chunk of the games today and I feel as if I've been away forever!
PS Guess who's made the front of her August swap card. . . ?? Only have to cut and fold the card bit and add an inside layer!!! Must be a record for me to get anything done ahead of time.x