Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One of those days!

I was looking forward to some peaceful crafting, had the flat to myself, so I could do what I liked!   Pity the craft fairy seemed to be in hyper mode, had me darting from project to project,  and getting nowhere fast.  The thunderstorm we had matched my mood,  in the end I put the altered art project to one side, didn't seem to be working, or rather sticking!   I decided to have a play with the new stamp,  using proper clarity card I did some brayering then stamped... spot the er, deliberate mistake?   Yep, forgot to remove the mask!   This die cut was lurking nearby so I popped him on just to see,  now I think it works in a quirky way!   All needs finishing off, and die cut needs to be trimmed to fit the circle. 

Think I was in a tizwoz because I want to change my bedroom,  would like to put the desk in a different place and make a proper craft space,  but there is an awful lot of stuff in this room!   I'm not going to be happy till its done,  it also needs decorating, so guess I could get both jobs done at same time?     Wish I could wiggle my nose like in Bewitched (which dates me!) and it would all be done. 

This could be 'guess what I am' photo.  It is actually a box,  the box that is home to my singing bowl.  Thought I'd have a bash at the stamp man challenge to alter something,  but really wasn't sure if this was going to work as the box is a bit hairy and the card didn't seem to be sticking,  it has now - phew.  So it may yet be finished!   I used one of the embossing folders, then painted it with some black acrylic paint, then versamark and perfect pearls.   Of course it all needs to be trimmed down,  and lots of other stuff put on the top. 

This is a singing bowl in case you aren't sure what one is,  it does sing but you have to 'play' it. You cup the bowl in one hand and run the stick round the outside,  and from that comes this lovely, lovely sound, so clear and pure, and so relaxing.    It came in handy this afternoon as it calmed me down.   It is very good for meditation. 

No doubt that today was challenging,  but a few things did come out of it, even the 'mistake' turned out to be usable.    And after the thunderstorm the sun reappeared - hooray!   Nearly time for the opening ceremony of the paralympics,  a good antidote to the Olympic hangover.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, Hi Cass, seems like you've had a trying day but still managed to create something worthwhile nonetheless. I think your silhouette does work - it's very atmospheric.

The singing bowl is fascinating - I wouldn't have known what it was if you hadn't explained.

Sorry about the two deleted comments - I made an error and then compounded it with another :(

Regards, Elizabeth xx

Julia S-W said...

Oooooh I love what you've done with the box!! I thought it was metal tape on card at first - soooooo clever!!