Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Dunking good time!

Found this little box amongst my stash,  but wanted to give it a unique background colour, so...   using the lid off one of my organiser boxes,  some cold water and alcohol inks - this is what happened.   Just dunked the whole lot in,  lid and base,  then left it dry on top of TV, well it is warm there! 

I was so chuffed with this effort that I then did the same with some card, and a few flowers,  I was  having great fun,  card took a while to dry but it is now being flattened out under some books.  Will be using it tomorrow.

 I cut some shapes using the Slice,  for the top I coloured it using some ink, then dabbed it with a versamark pad and added some holographic embossing powder.

To finish off the lid I added some of the cotton lace,  with some ribbon underneath.  Discovered that the lace didn't quite fit, so added a few jewels to cover the tiny gap!    And added a bit of stamping to the sides.   The advantage to dunking the box in the inks was that the inside also got decorated.

It is an hexagonal box, so on the other three sides I cut a fleur de lil shape,  used the versamark pad and covered in silver embossing powder.  And that was that.

I'm also hoping that someone can help me. I've got some Jewel Enamel powder,  so far I've not had much success at melting it using the heat gun, well rather I can melt it but can't get it to stay on the card.  I'm using a versamark ink pad, and have tried heating from above and underneath.   Any ideas folks? 

Finally, bit of the hard sell...   For sale, one Sizzix Boutique embossing machine, with folders and the pads and one shim.  It is on ebay.  I'll take a minimum of £15,  as it is very new,  no damage,  it has its original box  and is in perfect working order.  It will take most embossing folders,  lovely machine,  not too big, fits nicely onto your craft desk.   I'm selling it as I've upgraded to the Cuttlebug.

Got more goodies to sell, amongst them a make your own stamp kit which was featured recently on Create and Craft and some stamps,  not yet got round to taking photos of them yet. 

Thanks for stopping by, and for all the lovely comments about the canvas,  I really did enjoy making that.  A few remarked that it was a good idea to lay it out first on some paper, I did it that way as I knew I'd only get one go at it when it came to using the canvas.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend - and stay dry.

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Julia S-W said...

Ok. Firstly, I wasn't doing much blogging over the weekend really - certainly the second half - so sorry I missed these from Saturday onwards!
Secondly, your crafting IS NOT BORING and I don't want to hear that again. You are experimental, learning new techniques all the time and you put thought and love into what you create all of which adds up to a NOT BORING CRAFTER!!!
This little box has some wonderful techniques going on: I love how you've coloured it and I will go back and read that again because I'd like to try it too! Love how you've embellished it - even the gap in the lace which you cleverly disguised.
With regards to the enamel, you may be over heating it or, more likely, the ink is drying before the enamel is melted causing it to slip off possibly? I use clear versamark (?) the one which is used to make watermarks etc. It's very sticky, the enamel adheres very well to it and I haven't found that the heavier enamel falls off. I'll check on the name of the pad I use and I'll let you know. If you're using the same one then I don't know why it's happening!
Phew - got to go to your other posts now but please: keep doing what you're doing and NEVER think that what you do is boring. Just keep doing what you're doing which is creating and learning; the two together will take you to places you've never been before!