Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New stash

Yes new stash...  well I had cuttlebut but no dies,  a situation that I just I had rectify.   So after being stuck in the flat yesterday I headed off to Southport for a spot of sea air, and a visit to craft shop.    Sadly the craft shop didn't have much choice of dies, but I did pick up some lovely lace, and some canvas board cheap.  So it was off back to my local craft shop,  had that voucher burning a hole in my pocket - success, got these 3 lovely dies to start off my collection, and the C plate for £5.99,   CnC wanted a tenner!  But forgot to get the shim, which would have been handy as the car die also embossed...    Loved the man and woman silhouette,  just wasn't able to resist that, and the small nesting frames.

Here is the large frame and the man,  the left over bit from the frame can also be used!   The teeny tiny one in the middle makes a nice flower, but forgot to take a pic.    I had watched the spellbinders show on CnC, but prices were way out of my league,  unless they'd given you a year to pay it off!    I did look at the TH dies in the shop but they were twice the price as the ones I chose,  all of which are very good quality and cut beautifully. 

So with the dies to hand I couldn't resist using them.

The photo is a bit rubbish,  it looks much better in IRL,  I glossy accented the silhouette and it actually does look very effective.   I dabbed the lace with some a silver ink pad, black lace would have been more dramatic. 

No crafting tomorrow :-(   My sister is skyping in the afternoon,  so mum will be hogging my room.   I have prepped one of the canvas boards I bought,  got plans for that. 

And finally the dressings arrived!   They were delivered at 2pm today!    So I had needlessly stayed at home all day yesterday.   When will the public services learn to join up the dots?   If the district nurses spoke to our GP, who in turn kept in contact with the consultant,  and patients assigned a nurse then progress might be possible.   But nope,  lets just do it the most inefficient way we can cos it is cheaper that way.   We can bail out banks but not fund the NHS or look after those who need it,  there is something very wrong somewhere.    I need to say that I have worked for the NHS, so I know how inefficient it is,  yet it just needs a little tweaking here and there and it could be run far better with the patient coming first, not last. 

Well off to enter the world of fiction...    thanks for stopping by.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, limited choice of dies or not, you got some beauties - love the silhouettes. You could try making your own shim, layers of card will do the trick but it will be trial and error until you get the right thickness - it would serve until you buy a tan mat. Look forward to seeing more creations and glad to hear you have got the dressings at last even though you had to waste an entire day waiting in. I, too, worked for the NHS, 1985-1992, so have insider knowledge too :) Elizabeth xx

Julia S-W said...

Beautiful card again Cassidy!! I love the colours and those flowers again!
The lace you bought is beautiful - I really like cotton lace - so much nicer than synthetic.
Enter your creations in challenges, shall I say it again: ENTER YOUR CREATIONS IN CHALLENGES. . . . more people should be appreciating your work.

BJ said...

I do believe you mean the tan mat for the embossing with the Cuttlebug. Apparently CnC does one which doesn't need a shim aswell. At present I use the A plate, tan mat, 2 B plates with extra sheets of card inbetween. You could do away with the extra card if you get the no shims tan mat.

Love your dies, the silhouettes would have come in handy for this months Timmy Tag - you best have a go at that one now.

Great cards - BJ