Friday, 10 August 2012

Freaky Friday

At around 10 a.m., last Friday I found that the battery in my car was flat,  called mechanic,  he fixed car...  this Friday, guess what?  Yep, same thing, flat battery,  only it was brand new,  rather than call mechanic I decided to take it out and charge it - but could I budge the bloody release nut, could I heck.   Not even a neighbour could, so it was mechanic to the rescue,  but we did find out what had bled the battery dry, the faulty boot switch, a well known fault on Nissans, but will Nissan do owt about it, nope! 

Car is back with me,  mechanic has ensured that the boot light can't come on,  which he thinks is draining the battery,  new boot switch will be fitted next week.

With all this faffing with the car,  I've had no time to craft,  may not be able to enter Sunday Stampers challenge, but still got tomorrow, so we'll see.   In mean time thought I'd post pic of my 3rd box frame, this one isn't finished yet,  taken me a while to layer up all the cogs,  still got a bit more to do.

Made the box frame as usual,  then using some embossing paste and an acrylic stamp I applied the paste all over the box frame and then let it dry.    I used the copper embossing paste,  using the stamp has given it a very fine line effect.

BJ kindly sent me loads of die cut cogs,  I cut some in half, others into four, then just arranged them as I wished,  used Pinflair glue - lots of it!

So just the finishing touches to do now. 

I spent a while in the supermarket enjoying their AirCon, I know we shouldn't use it but when it is this hot!?    Also bought a box of ice lollies, not had one for years.  When I got home mum was chatting to a neighbour, so all 3 of us enjoyed an ice lolly,  really cooled me down.    Also got some more linen trousers,  they are the only things keeping me cool,   now got the fan going...  loving the sun,  no complaints,  just wish I wasn't having hot flushes then I'd be fine! 

Best go give the garden some water.

Enjoy this lovely weather over the weekend,  and can we win any more Gold medals? 

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Julia S-W said...

Your box is looking wonderful and I even like the cogs!
Reading about your ice lollies makes me want one - NOW!!