Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Golden Glow...

Nice to bask in the glow of success re Team GB,  and if you ever bought a lotto ticket then you also did your bit.  Not sure what I'll do now,   I've been glued to it from start to finish,  the paralympics will start soon,  so guess the party will start all over again?    

But the crafting goes on!   This is my first attempt at using perfect pearl powders and a versamark stamp,  I was very surprised when it worked!  I used a Clarity stamp and copper perfect pearls.  The card is from my encaustic card pack,  which is the same quality as the Clarity Card as used by Barbara Grey.    I also did as she suggested and used some talcum powder on the card,  I have got an anti static bag,  just can't find it!

So I then turned my attention to my box frame with the cogs.   I had found the finishing pieces!  First I embossed this lovely gold vellum that I didn't know I had,  amazing what you find when you have a good old rummage!   Can't even remember where I bought it.    

Then I needed to make the other side of the background. I did consider making a larger box frame, but then decided it would look daft, so just cut a piece of card larger than the box frame.

Yes the old script stamp was used!   Did some grunging with the TH distress ink,  then rounded off the corners,  using a corner punch - best things ever invented.   So with these two pieces finished and stuck together I turned my attention back to the box frame,   I needed some acetate but didn't have any,   thought it would all have to be put back on hold again!   But I found a fine piece of mesh - perfick!   Stretched that across the front of the frame, and then added all the finishing touches. 

Which looked like this!  After I took the pic I then added some tiny butterflies, just for added eccentricity on my part.  The wording was done by my Slice machine,   on gold mirri,  which needs a double cut.   The clock die cut was sent to me by BJ,   it now sits on my shelf,   why 10.10?  Cos I once worked in a jewellers,  well known one,  and all the clocks were set to Ten past ten, that way the clocks had a 'smile' on them. 

Where has the evening gone?   Just had two longish skype conversations,  very enjoyable, one was a surprise as she had been just an email buddy,  but she got skype, so we've just had our first conversation. 

Horribly sticky and humid here,   think it will be just the sheet on the bed tonight.    Well that is all from me... 


Julia S-W said...

I love the frame with the mesh on even better! I thought it was finished in the last post but clearly I've been going barmy in this heat! I get random hot flushes but I just don't like our hot weather - it's so muggy. . . . I need an ice lolly, I need an ice lolly.......
Love the perfect pearl piece - how did you manage to get it to show up so well in your photo? Sometimes it seems to get lost in photos and it really annoys me because in 'real' life I love the sparkle it gives. I'm not one for glitter but pearly sheen is fab.

BJ said...

WOW love it Cassidy. Now I realise what the file for the frame does I'll have to have a go too. Glad the diecuts have come in handy. BJ