Friday, 17 August 2012

Little boxes!

I've been crafting of sorts,  decorating some boxes for a friend,  trouble is that there are dozens of them!    I invested in some acrylic paints, so all got a coat of paint to begin with,  then it was a case of deciding how to decorate them,  since I'm doing this for free the decorations are being kept simple.   This little heart shaped box was painted red,  embossed some gold mirri,  and popped on this lovely red flower.   I also stamped round the box,  which wasn't easy,   a case of placing box onto stamp and rolling it along the stamp,  seems to work.

Next up I got out the perfect pearls, and some embossing paste,  and chose some ribbons.

This was done with perfect pearls,  I then sprayed it with some spray and shine.   Oh I forgot to mention that I'd called in at the craft shop,   just got a couple of stamps,  two adirondiac ink pads,  quickie glue pen and the spray and shine, oh and an embossing folder.

The spray and shine has come in very handy for finishing off the boxes.   So next box, what to put on that?   Had paste just needed a stencil,  flowers or the lady,  or the dolphins?  

Decided on the lady and used the white paste, bit of spray and shine brought it to life,  and chose a pretty ribbon to go round the edge.

I've also got some pencil boxes to decorate,  so today I just gave them a few coats of white paint. 

Very hot and sticky here,  forecasters said it would rain all day,  which is why the sun was shining this morning!  The rain didn't appear till well into the afternoon.

My car is finally fixed and I have a boot I can open again,  nice to get that sorted out.  And best of all I've got a holiday booked!   Going on a 3 day arty weekend,   there is a twist, the place we're going to is haunted, and the art is of the psychic type,  which really means that you paint what you feel,  so something to look forward to at last,  haven't yet told my sister,  have no intention of breaking the news gently it will be a case of get yourself back her to look after mum while I have a much needed rest!   My god daughter is also coming over on Sunday to take mum off my hands for a few hours,   only one blot on the landscape the damn district nurses who were supposed to visit today and didn't, so that means an early phone call to them as we have no dressings, so they'll have to come tomorrow.   I'm particularly annoyed with them as they were making such a fuss of the wound, which was actually just the same,   so I've had to take mum to the hospital to get checked out by the consultant, meanwhile the swab the nurses took 3 weeks ago still hasn't been analysed,  that is because it got sent to the wrong place.

Oh well think I need to go find a fan,  far too muggy here.

Have a lovely weekend all,  thanks for stopping by.

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