Thursday, 1 October 2015

Smoothing things over...

Well there have been a few changes to Thimble Cottage over the last few days.  I changed my mind about the brickwork,  it didn't seem to suit such a small cottage.  

I debated whether to just paint the bricks a different colour, or whitewash them.   But finally I decided against it and got out the filler...

First I smoothed down the bricks, then skimmed over the whole cottage with a thinnish layer of filler.   I also took more filler off the roof, it was a bit too lumpy bumpy. 

Today it was ready to paint.  At the moment it is a very clean buttermilk,  but by tomorrow it will be looking a bit dirtier.  The windows are now black,  a bit more in keeping with such a cottage, I've also reversed them.    Today I ordered some wonky roof tiles,  my attempt at making them wasn't working.  Need to practise more! 

I put some filler on the small path, then scattered some gravel over it.  Still needs another covering, which will be done tomorrow.   Then the windows will go in, floor and divider put into place...  

After that, well Petite Properties have been busy developing new products, all of them are beautiful.  There is a lovely little cottage suite,  and a wishing well, plus a new cottage.  In fact just too much to mention here.    I just have to have the little suite,  oh and the new bathroom set,  and maybe the fencing...  well the wonky stuff.

Oh did you spot the little dormer?   I tiled it using some of the left over bits.   In a couple of weeks you won't recognise this little cottage, cos it will have a base, landscaping and a proper roof. 

Today was worry wort day, or MOT day!    So dropped car off early,  crossed fingers and toes, told car to be good and pass its medical.   At 11 a.m., the worry was over,  she had passed!   Yeeehaaa!!   It has been a worrying few days,  yesterday I had to go for my mammogram.    Though that was also amusing,  as I arrived there was another lady heading for the clinic,  and behind us another lady - what is odd about that?  Well all three of us were from the same surgery,  then a fourth lady joined us and yes, she too was from our surgery.  We joked that the doctor must have sent a job lot.   At least the appointments were all on time, so I was out just before 2.45, and free to go home, or rather to supermarket.   Well I knew that today I risked not being with a car, so needed to HIM, some food, and me some wine, the latter was far more important!  

I'm also stuck in tomorrow,  for some silly reason I agreed to an survey audit of the flat.  Our housing association has been surveying all its stock,  and they've picked out some properties for an audit. I ended up being one of them,  and saying yes.  I'm not keen on having too many things to do,  or having to do,  not because I'm lazy,  just because it makes me feel anxious.   I worry about forgetting the appointment, or getting there too late,  yes, all sounds daft, but not when you suffer from anxiety.

Well hopefully I will be back with an update shortly,  and a fully tiled roof!    All for now.

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