Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wishy washy Wednesday

Noticed how the mornings are getting darker, not helped by our grey weather... did spot a patch of blue sky this morning, very briefly. Work was relaxed, bossless which always makes the difference. I do wish to emphasise that my boss is lovely, has a heart of gold, and has been looking after me these last few months, but she can be hard work at times. So we all did a bit of chilling... well after a stressful time of watching junior making a banquet of the daily cash... but a cuppa sorted out the tension. Oh as did a packet of rollo's, which one of our customers keeps buying us, he is a lovey chap, has many problems, but never gives us any, so we keep an eye on him.

Still feeling yucky, felt like I had a stye developing, tho the pharmacist didn't think I had, so gave me an eye wash, so I carefully applied some savlon to lower lid, and it now feels much better. Think I'll go to different chemist tomorrow and get some proper stuff.

Neighbour took mum for a walk down street, doesn't sound like much, but was a big relief to me. My neighbour can get away with suggesting stuff like that, while I can't. Not sure what I'd do without her, she has been my rock throughout all of this. I gave her some cards the other day, but think it high time I made something for her... feel an exploding box project coming on.

Got my flowers from QVC yesterday, four packs of very pretty paper flowers, if I had the energy I'd take a pic... since I haven't you'll just have to trust me! One pack will go perfectly with some pretty butterflies, I'm planning a card for a friend who is being treated for breast cancer. She likes cats, so I'll have to incorporate flowers, cat and butterfly somehow.

Also just heard from an old friend, we did fall out, suddenly she is back in touch. Will see how things pan out. Funny old year, horrible health wise for lots of people I know, and yet people I've lost touch with are now getting back in touch.

Pic: from way back, a card swap, theme was oriental. Not my favourite. Luckily had a few oriental peel offs, amazing what you can do with a peel off and some vellum, plus some black card.

Thanks for stopping by... tis much appreciated.

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Cazzy said...

I was driving home from work thinking it was like October, then when I got home they were saying the same thing on the radio.

Glad your Mum went out for a walk.