Thursday, 14 August 2008

how dare he!

That plonker from the right wing think tank, who said all us northerners should up sticks and head south... Thanks very much, but no thanks, did live down south for a while and prefer life up North. Folk are far friendlier and cost of living much cheaper.

Also got a leaky washing machine... man came yesterday to repair it! Obviously he missed something, as tonight when I opened the washing machine door I got drenched... very unamused. Tho probably a good thing that I did find out it was still leaking, not sure our neighbour in flat below would have been happy at springing a leak.

Am hoping to get some crafting in tomorrow and over the weekend, tho may also take a trip to Hobbycraft, well there is nowhere else round here to go to now... so it will mean a schlep to Chester.

Do need to get some scrapbook stuff... one can never have too much! Have a few ideas about entering a competition... but we'll see.

Pic - a jolly nation animal card, guinea pigs. Can't remember why I bought them... but did have fun cutting them all out, made a gatefold card, and then found some bits and bobs from a magazine... and put it all together, luckily the recipient was rather fond of guinea pigs.

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