Thursday, 21 August 2008

just got tagged

Thanks to Cazzy, from cazzytime for tagging me... I will do my tagging duty tomorrow, tho I also must update my fave blog list first. Been nice to have good news, and nice folk around me this week, boss has been really nice to me... wonder if she knew I was in big need of a 'be nice to me' week? I'll not bore anyone with the gory details, other than a member of my family has well and truly lost the plot, it was hurtful to begin with, then the more I thought about it the more ludicrous it became, and then it was just downright funny. So did my best ya boo suks act and infuriated them even more - and do I care, nope!

Don't care cos the last few months I have found who is a true friend and who isn't. There is one person I will be ever indebted to, not just because she pops in every morning to see mum, but because she has been 'there' for me, and keeps telling me that if I want to have a moan, talk, anything, then to just go see her. Which is why I made some cards for her, for free, tho she kept on wanting to pay me... so I just told her that it was my way of paying forward some kindness. And all my lovely colleagues at work, who have put up with my scattiness, and helped cover up my mistakes then gently let me know when I have stuffed up. Even one ex colleague who has her own serious health problems has been supporting me. So I ain't going to let one mealy mouthed, egotistical twit, spoil my mood. They can go hang.

To my pic: another of my 'cards for neighbour', all from the LMC kit, well aside from the peel offs, and the off white card. I trimmed the front of the pink card, then using the off cut, cut that into two strips, put some pearlescent off white card inbetween, some wavy peel offs, then used the cup cakes as decoration, and the birthday paper, and finished it off with a large Happy Birthday...

Over the weekend I will sort out my tagging... :-)) Thanks Cazzy!


Cazzy said...

Yummy card Cass! Someone at work told me don't let the a****les rent space in your head.

Very wise I think! He is a highly paid consultant so he must be right.....right?

Cass said...

Yep, he's right! And I've just served an eviction notice.