Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank holiday bug

Haven't felt too good since yesterday, and felt decidedly yuck today. Had half promised mum that I'd take her out, but couldn't face going anywhere. Suggested she rang her precious son and ask him if she could go up and sit in his garden, but he has thoughtfully gone away for the weekend! So had a 'should I/shouldn't I' struggle with myself, knowing that if I forced myself then mum would moan about me not being very cheerful, and since she be in a 'mood' if we didn't go anywhere, figured I was in the Catch 22 situation, so stayed put. And yes, she sulked, even tho I do actually look like death warmed up. Not that we can go anywhere so to speak, as she cannot walk very far, well not more than about ten yards. I also hate just driving for the sake of it, have had two driving jobs, once in the army and once in ambulance service, and the novelty wore off a very long time ago. Now driving is a means to get somewhere - quickly. Besides my family appeared to have opted to take the 'wel'll amuse mum' option of the caring, so as far as I am concerned it is up to them to take her out, leaving me with some precious time to myself. Enough of the moaning!

Did feel yuck, so just slobbed out, spent a few hours watch QVC and C&C, and getting more annoyed with C&C - just wish they would not be so PATRONISING! Sorry but I just feel that I am being treated like an imbecile by C&C... at least QVC do treat you like an adult. I eventually succumbed to the TSV, gave it a good few hours, had a feeling I'd end up ordering it. But only did so after checking my Xmas stuff, was a bit short on stuff, and frankly don't feel up to shopping around for things. It was okay last year when I had my Craft Central, but that has gone... :-(( now there no decent craft shop locally. Also have a feeling I've missed the Manchester craft fair that I had every intention of going to. Was also tempted by the stamps... sooo cute, but I've got plenty of Xmas stamps.

To my pic: scrapbook page, wot i made yesterday, when I was in the mood. I had no idea what to scrap, or what to do once I'd started. As I was getting my stuff out I spotted the cover of the scrapbook magazine, it was a circle layout.... it tickled my fancy. Wanted a zany look, so picked opposing papers, and using the compass cutter just cut out various sizes of circles, added a touch of randomness, a few stars, and chose the pic... yes - did it the other way round! Had been wanting to scrap this pic for a while, my friend drinking two margaritas at once, one of them was mine! Twas the last night of our hol in LA... well our gang kept the bar staff busy all night, not sure they'd ever come across such a large group of Brits.

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday... and well done Team GB!

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