Monday, 11 August 2008


Feel better now. Well Monday did not get off to a good start, the chaps who were meant to arrive sometime after 10.30 to fit stair lift arrived at 8.50... and so mum then decides to go and get washed and dressed, while I am left to wait... that is waiting to get to bloody work. I'd planned to go in a bit early to drop in a prescription at the chemist, to save me having to wait for it... so much for my plans. So I arrives home just before 3 pm, knowing stair lift would be in place, but did I expect the bloody thing to be blocking my way? It had been left in the operational position, and for some inane reason my brother thought that I'd be able to squeeze past it... I saw red... my back was sore, I had shopping, did I need to start squeezing past a bloody stairlift? So I yelled at mum, then she yelled at me.... I nearly turned round and walked out. And I will do the next time, I seem to have turned into her whipping post, she is only like this with me, everyone else sees this sweet natured lady... I see the tantrums and bad moods. Well stuff that for a lark.

Next thing, after we'd both calmed down, I'm being told that my brother looks so much better after his holiday, after being under such strain... er... like I wasn't? Like I don't need a break? Even my colleagues at work say I look like I could do with a long holiday.

On the upside, I have my new glasses, and the cheery man who fitted them at least cheered me up, if only for a while. Actually it was nice to be fussed over. Glad I decided to get them thinned down, the new pair are much lighter than the old ones. Tho think the credit card is still wincing... also got a smart pair of sunglasses, very chic! Not like me at all. I hate choosing glasses... for one thing, without glasses I can't see myself... so it makes life a bit difficult. New glasses are similar to old ones, but the shape suits me.

Now to my ad hoc pic... it is of my old cat: Ms Mufti, a true friend, if totally irascible. She was unique. This pic was taken just hours before she died, tho she doesn't look very ill, she was very, very ill. She was in her usual repose, on a bed and close to the radiator, even tho the heating wasn't on. Made up the page from scraps left over from yesterday's page, was trying to be good and use up stuff. Was also pleased with how I set the gromlets, finally I seem to have figured out how to use the BB with gromlets, anyone with one will know what I'm talking about, as you have to work upside down. I measured exactly where each gromlet was going, then used the BB's guide to set the width, then using the BB without the gromlet in, I made a pencil mark where I wanted the gromlet, and just lightly squeezed to leave an impression... and it worked! From that I was able to set them accurately. Tho I guess everyone has worked out their own way, but that way worked for me.

Hope the rest of the week turns out better than today, tho got a sneaky feeling there will be a row at some point.

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Cazzy said...

You gave in on the stair lift then Cass! You could have fun with it when it isn't in the way.

Lovely cat page.

Cazzy xx