Sunday, 24 August 2008

a busy day

Didn't mean to be busy today, but one thing led to another. Started out by putting in some winter pansies, then noticed that everything was messy, and fence was in need of painting... by time I got all that done it was nearly 2.30. Had been intending to sit down, watch closing ceremony and do some crafting. Well still managed to do so - just. Also feel like I've got a cold coming, woke with a horrible sore throat, but it is easing now, think the chilled white wine maybe helping!

Was determined to use my new butterflies that I got yesterday, well had to participate in some retail therapy after an upsetting morning. So ended up at hobbycraft, since there is nowhere decent locally. It was a purely indulgent shop, to buy whatever took my fancy, well within reason! Nearly bought a craft table, only thing that stopped me was lack of space. Spotted some glitterly squares, and glittery butteflies by papercellar, so grabbed those, and a stamp, very boring with a message on it - could have happily bought half a dozen stamps with amusing messages on them. But settled for the practical. And a decoupage kit, not as we know it, but as it used to be, it is a victorian box.... intended to be a present for someone.

So to the butterflies, they are really pretty, wish (as usual) I'd got two sets now... :-( They're acetate on a holographic background. Used 3 glitter squares, but aligned them in the wrong place on card, hadn't realised how stick they were, but once down they were not coming off again! So had to rescue it, chopped up card, matted it on to some yellow pearlescent card, found some pretty yellow patterned paper, cut some flowers from that, added them to the squares, then put the solid glitter squares on card, and the butterflies.

Did have another idea, but needed some much smaller silk flowers to make it work.

Got a craft day tomorrow on QVC... still feel the need to spend...


tiggertastic said...

Such a pretty card, love the layout and colours

Sarah x

silvercustard said...

thanks for the tag hun, i have passed it on xx