Friday, 22 August 2008

Been doing some housekeeping!

Felt it was high time I did a bit of a make over on this here blog, not finished yet either! Added a blog list, but not yet decided who to tag, well there are a few but need a couple more. And another gadget, something witty! It kind of appealed to my warped sense of humour.

Thanks for the wise words Cazzy, just what I needed to be told, have let the idiot in question rent far too much space in my brain for this last week. No more, the idiot has been evicted. All a case of a bruised male ego... typical that it should get so out of hand and end up in ludicrous situation. Oddly enough I feel far happier having evicted two people from my life, they dragged me down all the time.

Has been a busy old day tho, went off to cleaning job, and lady who I clean for had just come back off holiday and was in a chatty mood, so didn't get a lot done. Good thing I worked my little socks off last week catching up on stuff I've had to miss due to their refurb of the kitchen, well a whole new kitchen, which is huge! Doubled my workload. Had been hoping to finish early, well I started a bit earlier, but no chance, tho it was nice to sit and have a natter. But had to forgo shopping trip, food shopping, nowt interesting to dash home to make lunch for me and mum, tho got home and she was in middle of trying to make sandwiches. So quick buttie and off out again, to petrol station, for first time in my life I witnessed a drive thru, when they fill up with petrol an drive off without paying, tho manager was quick off the mark, and had was already phoning police. Was goint to put air in tyres, car felt a tad heavy... but stupid air pump was out of action! No choice but to go off to Tesco, to get air in tyres... hey ho, but did get a bargain on some plants. Oh and a tasty bottle of sauvignon blanc... going down verrrrry nicely. Home to put washing out on whirly thing, which cos it was so windy almost took off, but did get the washing dry fast! Mind you trying to get washing off whirly thing was an adventure, it kept on spinning around.

So to my pic: another of my LMC inspired cards. Used some of the very pretty paper and matted it on to some soft pink mirri card, used the white card, but horizontally, and chose a peel off 'Make a Wish', and added the birthday cake die cut. Inside I used my fave stamp:

Birthday Calories don't count!

I got it a while back and it still amuses me. Feel in the need for a spot of scrapbooking this weekend. And I'll also pick my tags... soooo hard, soooo many fab blogs!

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Cazzy said...

Nice card Cass, I gave in and dried mine inside, but then my new gadget the Tefal Actifry caught fire which wasn't good and was maybe a sign I shouldn't even eat healthy chips!