Wednesday, 6 August 2008

thank goodness work is over for 2 days!

Twas me on my own this morning, when it should have been me and the boss... so muggins here got left to all the work! This is the reason why I never feel guilty if I'm late, as the boss is never on time. But there is a lot to do for one person, so was looking forward to a nice hot cup of tea... boiled kettle, got tea bags out and... looked in fridge - no milk! Charming. In other places I've worked in it was a golden rule, never leave the fridge without any milk.... or else.

Then boss had me and everyone else baffled over some supposed prizes that had arrived and had then been lost. Only there were never any prizes, she'd read an old e-mail. So she had a moan about deleting old e-mails, I was with her on that one, said that I did do my bit and deleted stuff.. . plus I seem to be the only one who knows how to use our in, pending and out, trays, properly. Had to clear them of all the rubbish that had mounted up. Then sent off junior type to do boring job, one that he was intent on avoiding... tough! He gets away with far too much as it is.

Sounds awful, after what the family has been thru, but looking forward to my one night of freedom tomorrow. Mum is back in hospital for one night, just for some treatment, but that means I get some time off from everything. I just wish she'd reveal her bad tempered side to the rest of the family! I'm biting my tongue, but for how much longer I'm not sure.

Pic: from 2003, LA again! This time the Sheraton Universal Hotel... based next to Universal Studios, and away from everything important in LA. It was a nice enough hotel, but took us ages to get anywhere, worse there was a bus strike, so we were stuck with using taxis. Most were fine, didn't rip us off, but there was one who we used to get back from Santa Monica, the ride should have taken no more than 45 minutes, but this guy went sloooooowllllly, till we began moaning at him. Then he tried to say he didn't know where he was going! When we got within sight of the hotel we told him to stop, he asked for over 60 bucks, we told him to get lost and paid him what we'd paid the first cab driver who took us there, then left all his doors open on the cab and threatened to report him. Suddenly it was 'no comprende' - yeah, right!

The hotel was supposed to have themed rooms, of all the universal films, in reality it had one - the Shrek room. The day before we left we persuaded the conceirge to take us up to it, boy was it green.... green bathroom, bar, bed... ugh. It did tho have a fab bar pool... with a crazy female bartender. We couldn't get over the Americans, who would all patiently wait for the universal bus to take them up to city walks, a mere two minute walk away. The bus ride took far longer.

Will be crafting tomorrow, got a swap card to make, and a scrap challenge to contemplate. Oh and final bit of housework, the vacuuming! Shall whizz round as soon as mum has gone...

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