Friday, 8 August 2008

two chaotic days

If yesterday wasn't bad enough, with ambulance turning up 3 hours early to take mum to hospital, then not coming back till mid afternoon. I then got umpteen panicky phone calls from mum, first she couldn't find her medication, well I did tell her to check her bag! Looked like I might have had to make an emergency dash to hospital, but looked round, no medication here, it was in her bag, where I'd put it. So rang her back to tell her to look again.... she did, and of course it was there. Next call, could I bring her zimmer.... er, no I bloody couldn't. I was fed up, just wanting some much needed peace and quiet, and to get on with a challenge. She took the hint, then hospital rang to say they'd send a taxi to get it... which never arrived. At 9.30 pm I was ironing, well there was a pile of it and it wasn't going away. Crashed into bed around 11 pm... and managed to sleep till 4.30 a.m.

Then today... well I knew I'd have a few hours of peace till mum returned home, so got on with some painting, spent most of the afternoon chipping off old paint, then happily applying new paint. Got disturbed several times by silly marketing calls, then more serious from hospital, ambulance couldn't bring mum home as the crew couldn't carry her upstairs. I flipped. I rang ambulance service, got put on hold, so rang a different number and got a nice helpful chap who sorted it all out for me. I just do not believe it, ambulance crews who can't carry people! It actually became farcical, as eventually an ambulance rolled up, but it was empty, crew member explained that they were waiting for ambulance with mum to arrive, so his crew mate could then help the other crew member carry mum up stairs. Seems two crew had bad backs...

I was also fed up of cooking, so had bought two ready meals... I'm seriously tempted to give that meal delivery firm that keep on advertising on telly a call. Cooking is not one of my favourite pastimes. I like one pot cooking, hence I like my wok, just chuck stuff in it.

But in the middle of all the chaos I managed, somehow to complete a challenge, the order was to use a butterfly theme. Decided to make a mini lantern card, used a butterfly peel off, but used a black peel off marker pen first, then used my H20s to give it a thingy window effect, was going to cut a butterfly shape in the lantern bit of the card, but went for a circle instead, used some flowery vellum behind it, then took some gold striped peel offs, a thick line, and edged the card, but also used some spotty ribbon between it, gave it a luxurious touch - well I thought so. Making it really relaxed me, which is odd, as card making has not been enjoyable of late. I've been doing much more scrapbooking.

have a lovely weekend, and thanks for stopping by...

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Cazzy said...

I think you are amazing to get anything done, I hope you have a bit of a rest too Cass.

Cazzy xx