Sunday, 10 August 2008

a very soggy weekend

So fitting that I chose a 'duck' for the pic! More of that a little later. But it was very soggy yesterday, I got soaked just going from library to shopping centre. Did indulge in some lovely cakes from M&S... two fresh cream and jam scones, plus two summer puddings, oh and a scrummy chocolate cake. Well I hopped on the scales yesterday, I've lost half a stone, and still losing, possibly all due to my new hectic life.

Was also feeling angry, my sister baled out from visiting this weekend... so much for all the promises of practical help. Oh and add resentful to the list. I'm mad because mum asked for a lot of equipment, all supposed to help her be more independent, one thing she asked for was a trolley, one you can walk with, so she could make herself coffee or tea, and then take it back to her bedroom or living room... she has used it once, since then it has stayed stationary! I reminded her of its real use yesterday, she snapped back that it has too much stuff on it, and who put the 'stuff' on it? Yes... she did. So I said, well take it off! Tho the stuff in question is a book, magazine and writing pad... yeah, really heavy stuff that will overload a trolley - NOT. I am going to try to talk to the physio, just to see how much my mother should be doing for herself. I'm sure she could be doing a damn sight more. I think she is still in hospital mode, I had noticed that towards the end of her stay she was snapping orders at the nurses... almost to the point of rudeness.

Was of course at work yesterday morning, and the plan had been to have an afternoon off as my sister was supposed to come over and take care of mum. But since sister baled out, I had to go home. Found mum in bed, where she stayed the entire afternoon... so much for all her exercising. Could not be bothered to do anything, not even go and get my new glasses, well it was still chucking it down, and after one drenching I didn't fancy another. Dallied with the idea of doing some crafting, but instead I just sat and read my scrapbook magazine, and half watching the olympics. Then made dinner, mum offered to wash up, then moaned as I'd not put her stool in the right place... well I couldn't till she'd got into place, there isn't that much space in this here flat. I bit my tongue again, but can't see me doing so for much longer.

So today I had a lazy day, I'd left the kettle filled up, cut two slices of bread for her, and made sure the marmalade was handy, and plenty of milk in jug. Yet still she hoped I'd get up and take her breakfast in bed! I did wake up at 5 a.m., had a cuppa and some cereal then went back to sleep till nine... by which time she'd given up all hope of getting breakfast in bed. I sound mean, but she is capable of doing a lot more for herself, she has just got used to others doing it for her. I also have seen how easy it is for people to end up as 'helpless' when there is no need to be. I remember one nurse saying to her sharply: your arms work perfectly! That was after she'd commanded me to do something...

So to the duck... a bright yellow amphibious vehicle that takes people around the Albert Dock. The page was for my scraplift challenge. I used some papers from one of my new scrapbook kits, from Do Crafts, this one is Retro Flowers.... whatever that means! But just wanted to go for a really funky look, put stuff together that really shouldn't go together, if you know what I mean. Also used my new paper trimmer, the one I got from Hobbycraft gave up the ghost after only a few months, and it was really fiddly to use. The new one, as used by the Bibster, is a breeze... tho I got mine from Amazon. It is much easier to use, and more accurate, and fits nicely into my tool box. The chipboard letters came from the kit, can't believe I got it for less than a tenner.

Oh well, a new week looms... hope you all have a pleasant week. Thanks for stopping by


Cazzy said...

Great layout Cass, very cheerful and bright but not sure I would be keen on going on water in that thing!

Cass said...

I've never been tempted either! Looks very dodgy to me.