Sunday, 17 August 2008

a golden weekend!

Appropriate to methaphorically 'pop' a bottle of champers to celebrate the brilliant performance of all the rowers, swimmers and cyclists... they did us proud!

Pity the weather was so miserable, tho again they got it wrong for my bit of the country! Yesterday it should have poured down all day, it didn't! But because of the forecast I didn't bother to do any washing, wish I had cos today it did rain, when they'd said it would be fine. Humph! And cos of the washing machine problems I had a huge pile of laundry to get thru, so it is draped around the flat.

Also felt in a thunderstorm of a mood as I did the housework, cleaning up after my sister's dog, who had left behind muddy paw prints, as if I didn't have enough to do than to also have to clear up after her dog! And amazed at how my family have gone back to their bad old ways regards mum... a few choice words may get said at some point.

To the crafting. Well decided to thank my neighbour for all her help, she has been invaluable to me, by making her a few cards, she has a huge family and she'd been moaning about having to buy so many birthday cards. LMC mag seemed a good place to start. Seemed odd to be making cards again after so much scrapbooking. But think it did me good to have a change. Current pic is a copy of one that is in the mag, tho I used some of my own stars, wanted some smaller ones, will upload the others over the next few days, but I did enjoy myself. Did also add some green mirri card just to lift the paper a bit, it felt a bit flat against the green card.

Now must go and alter my slide show... high time it was updated! Thanks for stopping by.

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