Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cor blimey!

I wasn't planning to venture out today, once again we had high winds and horizontal rain.  But found myself heading for the cathedral in town to pick up some tickets for my niece.  That was the last place I wanted to be in a high wind,  it is the highest point in Liverpool,  was really battling against the wind and that was in the car!   Wasn't sure where to pick the tickets up from so went into the cathedral, asked a guide and got given the wrong info,  luckily I wasn't taken too far away from the actual place.    But it was ugh weather,  I was glad of my hawkshead jacket, it kept everything out.   Tomorrow is more of the same,  I am supposed to be helping out at an outreach centre, will have to see what the weather is doing,  they say the winds will be really bad tomorrow, and then on Friday they've forecast snow!   If it does I'll put  up the decs. 

Just realised the pic has a date on it,   just reminded me that I was crafting one handed,    I had my arm in plaster and my knee in a splint!   Not sure how I managed to craft but I did.  This card was always a favourite,   a clutter card,  I do remember getting carried away with the glitter glue.  

Made more headway on my swap cards for December,   I've just chosen a technique that requires a lot of drying time!     Just got one more to do,  miscalculated how many I had to make.  Then they just need the finishing touches.  They will all be in the post on Monday. 

All for now,  think I should really make this blog a bit more festive!

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